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Glitches/Easter eggs.
Any interesting Glitches/Easter eggs?
I found this on my laptop yesterday, my brother done it:

And on the side I found this:
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I had a really crazy glitch happen to me in DKC back when it came out. I was in Orang-utan Gang. I dropped to the bottom ledge (below where you get Espresso) and all of a sudden, Diddy went from fully textured to wire frame! I wish I had got a picture of it.
I've found and uploaded so many glitches and easter eggs I wouldn't be able to show them all. (Just YouTube Mariotaz Easter Egg/Glitch)
One of my recent uploads.

I spent the last 2/3 months finding a lot of glitches in DmC.

I enjoy finding them. There's a small group of people I've talked to get pretty in-depth with some of the glitches

Grey Fox you may like one of their latest uploads
Pretty funny glitch here
Oh you want glitches do ya? Well you came to the right guy!
I have way more so don't hesitate to let me know if you want more.
This glitch is a personal favourite of mine:

Also I remember playing one game as a kid (it was some 3D platformer) and I found a glitch and used it to float my way to a part of the game that was cut out from the final version. I can't remember much else, however...

Oh, and also this little one.

I found an alternate, much harder method involving having a guard arrest you while you are taking your clothes off against a wall, but was only able to do it once.
I love the dev chest in Borderlands 1, a good way to get money/weapons.

Haha Cronikeys Reverse Bee Adventure(A joke from the Reverse Bottle Adventure). It's new tech that's was found too potentially break the game and improve speedrun times.

Reverse Bottle Adventure is well worth checking out. It's possbile to change your inventory items, beat the game in around 25 minutes etc etc. Ocarina of Time is possibly the most broken as hell game I've ever seen (from watching speedrunners on Twitch). I don't think there isn't anything you can do in Ocarina of Time. It's broken.

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