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World News
Stephen Wilhite, creator of the GIF, has died
Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island’ hitting the market for $125M

... What.
Elon Musk Takes 9.2% Stake in Twitter After Hinting at Shake-Up
Peru protests: Truckers, farmers clash with police

Peru's Pedro Castillo lifts Lima curfew after widespread defiance, anger

Russian nationalist lawmaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky dies at 75
Remember how AT&T Inc. acquired Time Warner in 2016? The company has just sold WarnerMedia to Discovery, Inc. to create Warner Bros. Discovery.

Archaeologists excavate giant stone spheres in Costa Rica

A tsunami wiped out ancient communities in the Atacama Desert 3,800 years ago

Simple question 'a child could answer' leaves Department of Health Secretary 'dumbfounded'

Sky News Australia Wrote:A simple question asked by Liberal Senator Alex Antic, which a “child could answer”, left Secretary of the Department of Health Brendan Murphy dumbfounded, according to Sky News host Rita Panahi.

Following Mr Antic’s question about the definition of a woman, the room of health bureaucrats fell silent before refusing to answer.

“These people have no qualms about imposing draconian restrictions like closing Australia's borders, even to Australian citizens, to prevent the spread of a virus, but they are too scared to tell you what a woman is,” Ms Panahi said.

“No longer can we pretend that the influence of this insidious radical gender theory is only evident in the UK and US.

“It has taken hold right here in Australia to such an extent that senior health bureaucrats are too terrified to answer that simple question, what is a woman.”
Cargo jet skids off runaway in Costa Rica, splits in half

El Salvador Arrests 6,000 Gang Members In 10 Days

NBC News Wrote:El Salvador has continued its crackdown on what officials are calling a war on gangs as the government has arrested 6,000 gang members in response to a killing spree in March. The rise in gang violence caused a countrywide state of emergency, but advocates claim some of the the efforts are creating a framework for abuse.
'Weak and frail' Joe Biden is being 'mocked around the world'

Sky News Australia Wrote:Along with dismal poll results and rising domestic political issues, the Biden administration is now being mocked by a Saudi television station.

The skit, from Saudi Arabian television show Studio 22 began circulating on Twitter on Tuesday morning just as the Biden administration is grappling with rising inflation and voter discontent.

Studio 22 is a comedy show aired by the Middle East Broadcasting Center, and it is also available on streaming platform, Shahid.

Here's the full sketch.
BCI lets completely “locked-in” man communicate with his son, ask for a beer

Dolphin stranded on Texas beach dies after crowd tries to ride the animal, rescuers say

DuckDuckGo removes search results for major pirate websites (YouTube-dl also appears to be gone.)

The owner of a South Dakota hotel said she was banning Native people. Tribal leaders quickly issued the hotel a trespassing notice, citing an 1868 treaty.
A Japanese school banned ponytails because they could “sexually excite” men.

Asian Boss Wrote:Did you know that some schools in Japan ban ponytails on school girls because they could “sexually excite” men? This is according to the Western media at least, but is this true? And if so, why do these bans exist and how do the Japanese think about all these stringent rules that seem to be prevalent in Japanese society? We hit the streets to find out.

The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of ASIAN BOSS or the general Japanese population.

What caught my attention the most was this segment at the 9:50 mark. Elementary and Middle School CHILDREN being told that they are sexually exciting and that they need to wear white underwear and socks, ect? Holy shit, that is creepy as fuck! Imagine being a kid and being told by a pedophile teacher that you are sexually exciting.

EDIT: And why the hell are pedophiles allowed to teach at schools?!
U.S. arrests and indicts former Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández
@ragipsoylu Wrote:Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu salutes the protestors marching for the Armenian genocide anniversary in Uruguay with the grey wolf sign. Symbolising the Turkish nationalism, mainly used by the MHP, right wing nationalists.
Done Deal: Twitter Agrees to Sell Itself to Elon Musk

Twitter CEO tells employees no layoffs planned ‘at this time’ following Elon Musk buyout

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