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I think I've seen this before for some reason.

I've always wanted to see Phantom of the opera adapted for animation. If you can, pledge for this so it can be a reality. The world needs more horror themed(as well as drama themed) animation apart from comedy.
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I know I've seen this before, and not in a positive light.

Oh now I remember,

[Image: 5ky4k9J.png]

So from I gathered these are just kids trying to get funding to play filmmaker on something based on a thing on Tumblr. Not saying it wouldn't turn out great, (Even though the demo reel was kinda 'eh' in the animation department) but I'm just saying investor beware.
Not a kickstarter page because European laws hate that system but hey, it's a cool thing so I don't care.

It's a computer cooled by copper foam. Nothing else, not even fans to make noise. Just foam. Lots of it.

Here's the donation page:

Read the article I posted first for more information.
A indie go campaign, but something that needs to be succeeded. A documentary about the comics of Donald and scrooge from the man behind the comics Carl Barks
Reading Rainbow's Kickstarter reached its $5 million stretch goal with 16 hrs left to go! Seth MacFarlane promised to match up to a million dollars past $4million so he just made that 5 worth $6 million dollars. That is insane to me that much was raised in such a short time, a million on day one and $4 million more than a month later.

Still time to donate if you are interested in this cause:
For once that soulless hack has done something good for his life.
That's friggin' beautiful, man. Living the big dreams.
71000 $ for the potato salad, 23 days left XD.
That is the biggest joke in the history of jokes. The people who run kickstarter should realize that the potato salad project is a big fat joke. There are better projects out there that need the money than a lousy stinking potato salad.
The paranoid side of me wants to think this is a way for someone to circumvent the DEA.
Honestly, if people want to pay for him to make potato salad there's really no one to blame. All he asked was $10.
He couldn't have just gone to his bank and get 10 bucks without having to make a kickstarter for it? Hell. If I ever do a kickstarter project. I know it wont be worthless compared to that damn salad.
You just wish you thought of it sooner.
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