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If anyone plays Simpsons tapped out. My tag is hurtstwoou. Send me pink eggs since I am in serious need of them since zapping bunnies isn't doing much help for me.

I dont have a tag for my Xbox 360 at the moment but once I do I'll add it on here.
3DS Friend Code: 1220 - 6913 - 5744, Mii-name should be G-Haven.
Steam: G-Haven
(02-12-2014, 12:30 PM)Combat Lobster Wrote: [ -> ]At this point it might be best to copy the OP, lock/trash this thread, and restart the thread anew with someone else taking over the OP. I honestly could care less.

Any mod or admin can edit the post. It would be pointless to repost it somewhere else. That being said, the original post has now been fully updated with images restored. Sorry for not editing it sooner.
Let me know if anyone notices any errors.
Got me a WiiU finally.

ID should be BeamuFireu
Might as well put it out there that my XBox Live handle is Mad For Hatters.
Steam Account: ☆SLAG☆
PSN ID: Soulixius
Nintendo Network ID: Soulixius
3DS Friendcode: 2766-9149-5355
Updated. If there are any errors, let me know.
Found an error. Combat Lobster is always referred to as his previous username Lightmatt.
Well since I got a Wii U might as well put my Nintendo ID here.
It's Kloo999 and if you're up to play some Mario Kart 8 I'd be glad to join you.

I also didn't put my 3DS friend code so it's 2552-1496-0201
I'm getting Smash first day so I'll play with anyone.
Xbox 360 = Pewable
PS3/PS4/VITA = PewableExtend
3DS = 2766-9074-4714 (well it's not my account but I will play on this 3DS)
Wii U = Pewable
My 3DS friend code : 2981-7412-2768

Who wants to smash?
Xbox Live: Kakariko Kid 64
would appreciate if someone updated the main page.
Anyone still play GTAO or MW2 here? Because that's pretty much all I play on Xbox.

Gamertag: DeerBoarDude
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