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Here it is:
[Image: Ck7HRidUUAIzsw1.jpg:large]

Live gameplay here:
I feel like a fucking kid again!!! This may be my new favorite Zelda just from watching this trailer.
I swear I will buy the NX for this. It looks so good. I saw something that said there were over 100 dungeons to explore, that weather has an effect on Link so you need to dress for the heat and cold, the game looks amazing, it's clearly larger than we ever thought it was, you can tell that from the trailer. Everything about this looks perfect.
I think I'll be looking into buying the NX for this. 'Tis time to study up on what this game is supposed to feature. I haven't really enjoyed a Zelda game since Windwaker, so I really really hope this meets the hype.
Its giving me a Monster Hunter or Dragon's Dogma vibe.
I'm really getting a Hayao Miyazaki vibe just by looking at this.
In the distance, there's a chanting..

The sun beats down. The winds pick up. It's closer now.

Hurricanes form. Seas part. Closer still, it comes..

Icecaps melt. Hell freezes over. Closer.

Somewhere, not too far, a figure appears. One that was thought to have been a myth.

She is no myth. From in between her rock and her hard place, she emerges.

It's Beware of Cuccos, thought to have been deceased many moons ago. She awakens with the battlecry all but forgotten by gamers in their 30's.

[Image: giphy.gif]
30 year old fucking stoked for new Zelda.
Very interesting stuff to say the least. Alas, the question is whether it will prove itself mighty or sag behind.
Somethings i have noticed after looking at the trailer a second time around.

- This game is more a more open world Zelda game(like the very first Zelda game)
- We have different approach on puzzles here(I imagine that the rest of them will be very challenging). 
- Link is wearing armor in some of the few shots in the trailer. After looking at some gameplay footage, its optional to change links outfits for this. Looks like they're going for a more RPG type of changing things around here.
- Cooking(which I can assume is how Link will regain his health for some of the time). 
- Graphics look AMAZING. The look of it looks like its topping the HD remake of Twilight princess while its taking a few pointers from the look of Skyward Sword. 
- Link can finally jump like everyone else.
- Link can soar through the skies. Similar to how he soared through skies in Wind Waker
- That one eyed object that Link is carrying around may be a very important key item for this game.
- Some of the enemies have appeared in Wind Waker/Twilight princess return in this, as well as new enemies of different forms make their appearance for this game.
The one eyed item is called the Skilalah Slate, if I spelled that correctly and it acts like Navi without the "Hey Listen" aspect. Also, I think from what I saw it opens doors to from certain dungeons.

It's also interesting to note that weapons and shields have a limited use, kind of like having WHP (weapon hit points) in dark cloud, but there doesn't seem to be any way to repair them so you'll have to use them carefully otherwise you might run into enemies and have nothing to fight them with. You can also slide on your shields but they'll take damage.
Cutscenes and dungeons can be skipped in this game...
What are you hinting at, Nintendo?
(06-15-2016, 03:54 PM)CosmykTheDolfyn Wrote: [ -> ]Cutscenes and dungeons can be skipped in this game...
What are you hinting at, Nintendo?

You'll be replaying the same segments 50 times before you succeed ?

Zeldark Souls confirmed.
This is actually the first time I'd actually might want a Zelda game.
I'm certainly interested in this now that I've seen the gameplay. It's more open, equipment has durability, you can cook food that you find from pretty much anywhere that can restore more hearts than just as it is. It can also give you a temporary heart boost as well.

But the game truly boasts openness. They say you can basically go from where you start to where the final boss is and actually fight the final boss.
Can't wait to see those speed runs.
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