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I haven't been updating this as episodes have been uploaded, but there will be no Barrel-Cat Gaming for this week.
I will be on vacation.
Hey you people. The new episode of Barrel-Cat gaming is up. If you don't know the link, well that's too bad and you probably don't listen. If you wanna know and this is your first time seeing this, this WHOLE THREAD is aboot the sexy little beast known as Barrel-Cat who is trying to get to the moon (just look at page 4 or 5 or 6).
Anyways. My name is Colossus and I am the host of this show. Not the Barrel-Cat. Me.
I want to do a special episode to happen in the middle of one of these weeks. A 100% - if you listen to this episode EVERYTHING of Zelda Breath of the Wild will be ruined for you. Issue? As of this moment I only have ONE person to record with (maybe two. I need to get a hold of her to find out if she wants to join).
But DAMN. That chest under that water....
Due to being stuck in the Atlanta airport for quite a while and finally getting home and taking an eight hour nap, there will be no Barrel-Cat episode this week.
Well, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is now here, and more online multiplayer games are on their way.
I made a text channel for Nintendo Switch on my Discord Server and a voice channel open to all for the Switch.
I am also going to stop advertising the discord server since we broadcast live on Twitch, and use the discord as a reward tier for donating on Patron once I finish making it.
VGFact users have access to the server as a grandfather bonus.
I hear the MK8 p2p is pretty bad on Switch. How's that been for ya?
(05-01-2017, 09:39 PM)Psychospacecow Wrote: [ -> ]I hear the MK8 p2p is pretty bad on Switch. How's that been for ya?

I have done battle and racing with no issues online. 
I have done the Pyuo Pyuo Tetris and that has some lag.

I could have done the System VS system except it only does up to 2 players so we skipped it (we only would have done it vie it was 4 players)

I will be willing to do a system VS system this weekend at Minneapolis Comic Con if ANYONE is up to it.
There will be an episode this week! Also, early announcement to the Twin Cities area people.
Colossus will be at the Minneapolis Comic Con on Saturday!
I might be drunk, but here is a video of me "abusing" Barrel-Cat. I told ya he was a weird one. (My hands are still a bit numb)
Took the night off from recording and had a restructuring discussion with Chocolate Thunder for the show. Some changes will happen immediately, some will change in time.
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