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Hello! Name is AJ- I've been a "lurker" over at DYKG's forums for awhile, but I figured I may as well say hello to everyone now that we're on a new site.

Have a great day everyone!
Hey everybody, I'm not sure how many mods/admins/regulars from TSRC are here, or if any of you remember me (except jetters, jetters definitely remembers me.) but I decided to check out your new site for whatever I'm supposed to do on it :D
I suppose we just discuss games?
Anyway, I'm back... for now!
13-year-old Belgian Aspie who'se been a Nintender (OMG A 13-YEAR-OLD THAT DOESN'T PLAY CALL OF DUTY I MUST BE DREAMING) since I got a Wii in 2008, but I've been a gamer ever since I got access to a PC (Cbeebies games section FTW). This is nowhere near my first forum (Exploding Rabbit takes that spot), and I feel this place is set up in such a way that it's extroadinarily easy to contribute to the site's main project, which is really nice. Good day to you all!
...Well, that's the first hello post that I've written in ages. XD

I was a member on the old forums. I'm a reluctant Dietary Aide at a hospital filled with endless shenanigans and BS. It's a like a whole new layer of Hell that should be added to Dante's Inferno.

At home I spend most of my time being a bit lazy since I work so much to fund my expensive collection habits. I love animation, playing video games, painting ceramics, and wasting time on the internet hunting down pieces I want displayed in my home.

I'm currently all by my lonesome but I plan on getting new guinea pig soon since my dwelling seems so empty since my little Scuzzy passed away and I think I can finally stand having a new furry face without being sad. Expect me to spam this forum with pics when I do get a new fur baby.
Hi I'm Rocco, I'm 19, I like long walks on the beach, currently studying Diploma of Graphic Design, love playing games when ever I can get a chance, started playing games when I was 4, SNES FTW.
I know Dazz from The Spriters Resource, can't say I had the best introduction with him haha but that's all in the past.

Can't wait to post some trivia!
What's up! Name's Nick, just a simple gamer making his way around the internet.

I usually lurk, not much of a poster. But, if the discussion spikes my interest, I may pop in and say a few words.

I mainly play MMO's/WRPG's/FPS's, but i'm always up for anything.
Nice to see a lot of new people here. Here hoping more from DYKG move over.
(03-17-2013, 04:55 PM)BumblebeeCody Wrote: [ -> ]Nice to see a lot of new people here. Here hoping more from DYKG move over.

It's already dying so I'm sure the rest will make the jump really soon.
Hi I'm Kat, I was once an Admin over at tSR but had to step down due to my real life falling apart in shambles.

I'm 21 years old, Play video games, mainly arcade games, generas I like are RPG, Rhythm, and other various oddball games. I live in Rhode Island in the states, I go to work in Massachusetts for a Tech Support call center gig where I make $14 an hour troubleshooting problems people have with the Neat Scanner. I'm also going to go to Anime Boston this year to staff the gameroom they have, and basically run tournaments and make sure people don't act like asses.

Also might as well say that being an admin over at tSR got me both of those jobs so uhhh I'm laughing inside over this fact.

I also read a wide veriety of webcomics, manga, actual comics and have a ginormous love for Pokemon, Majora's Mask, and Bemani related games.
Hi, I'm Caplain! I'm probably gonna lurk a lot more than post, but whatever. I'm 16 years old and from Michigan, United States. I play a lot of puzzle-esque games (think Phoenix Wright and Prof. Layton). Other than that I'm pretty much a normal person. Nice to meet you all!
(03-17-2013, 04:57 PM)Hexadecimal Wrote: [ -> ]
(03-17-2013, 04:55 PM)BumblebeeCody Wrote: [ -> ]Nice to see a lot of new people here. Here hoping more from DYKG move over.

It's already dying so I'm sure the rest will make the jump really soon.

I'm kind of glad we got a new forum, because now there are MANY new people and I'm enjoying every second of it!

Welcome all new people (or you're old and from your other board... tSR, I think)!
Hi I'm Alex and I'm new to the whole forum thing.

In my spare time I enjoy playing video games, reading comics and watching football matches. (Soccer to those in America! :P) I personally prefer older games as I grew up playing them and love games like Drakkhen because they are just so different.

Also before I finish I love watching terrible movies, having a good chuckle at movies like The Room is always good fun! :P
Hello, My name is Jack, I am 14 years old, probably the youngest member, and I am from Massachusetts. Something sad is that I don't remember my first gaming memory because, well, I've been surrounded by them my whole life by my two older brothers. Currently I am surviving 8th grade with my friends, I know sad and I probably sound really dumb and you stopped reading. Outside of gaming and what not I spend most of my time on the internet (Mostly Youtube and hopefully VGfacts), watching movies/TV, reading comics, and chilling with my two cats, Einstein and McQuade... also playing video games of course. That's all i can think of now so yeah... okay then.. Hi I guess...
is it too late to post mine? :P
anyway I am Lindsey (MIGHTY JETTERS IS A GIRL WHAT) and I'm a mod over at TSR~
I'm 17, and have an undying obsession for the MMX series (my favorite character is Axle the Red/Spike Rosered from X5 as you can see in my avatar X3). :P
I may not post here too much because TSR is my main forum, and therefore I'm not used to overly crowded forums, but I'll try to visit sometimes! this place already seems REALLY great and everyone seems nice and really cool, so welcome to everyone and I hope to become friendly with a lot of you new peoples!
That gif in your siggy is way too cute and there should be a warning for that much cuteness.

I mean, a TV show on Animal Planet warned me about the cuteness. And that show (Too Cute) was way too freaking cute.
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