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Any rarities in your hobbies you'd want to share?
Its as simple as that really. Everyone has hobbies and passion. I assume all of those have some rarity in some shape or form.

So, I'll start us off. Guns.
So, I think everyone on here knows that I love blading... Aggressive Inline Skating if we want to get technical. Rollerblading, but focusing on tricks, gaps, grinds, airs, etc.
So, I own a pair of old school aggressive skates called Roces 62 Impalas.
[Image: 191542894_19050634a481e76628a59861e13a4c...77a9c9.jpg]
(Not my picture)
Anyways, they are a very old skate, mid to late 90s was their production period. Modern aggressive skates are very rarely released with four wheels per skate anymore, but it was very common at the time.
However, they were still a weird wheel setup for their time. As far as my knowledge is, they are the ONLY aggressive skate ever released with Vert skating (skating in large halfpipes) in mind. So, the two middle wheels actually sit lower than the two outer wheels in what is now called a "rockered" setup. All four wheels are the same size (62 MM, hence the name '62 Impala), but the skate's frame is shaped in a slight curve to achieve the affect. This was made to make transitions up the ramp smoother, increased speed on ramps due to less friction and greater manuveribilty, resulting in better landings.
And it worked amazingly well. The Roces team would dominate Vert skating for the next few years with the design. However, no company would ever again release a skate with the curved bottom frame. Other Vert skaters would simply put smaller wheels on the outside to get the same effect. The Roces '62 Impala is truly one of the most unique aggressive skates ever.
This reminds me of my old thread with the skills and such. Lemme get my camera and I'll post away some of my hobbies.

Things Newt does with his life, when not on forums or vidya games:
(12-09-2013, 02:53 AM)Newt Wrote:

I like to be called "the" :P

Isn't that Barry's custom Samurai Edge?
Yes it is. Why are you on so late? Where do you live?
It's like 1pm here. I live in the cold lands of Finland.
Chinese Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are really rare. If what I remember is correct, they only printed Dark Magician and Blue Eyes White Dragon before the Chinese Government cracked down on it.
My older brother who used to collect Yu-gi-oh Cards once found a sale going on in a field nearby our house. My brother found that these people were selling a Chinese Blue eyes white dragon, He could not make this opportunity slip so he bought it, i'll see if i can share a picture but he has it somewhere stored.

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