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Your Top # [insert things here]
The title pretty much sums it up.

Here's some of mine.

My Top 4 Live-Action TV shows:

4. Sherlock
3. Doctor Who
2. Mythbusters 
1. Psych

My Top 5 Internet Cartoons/Animators:

5. Brandon Turner's Game Grumps Animated
4. Harry Partridge
3. Baman Piderman
2. Eddsworld
1. Homestar Runner
My top trees, based on tree-ness:
15:California Redwood
14: Apple
13: Ash
12: Willow
11: Gingko
10: The old Oak tree
9: American Bladdernut (it's real, check a book)
8: White Pine
7: Black Cherry
6: Birch
5: Dogwood
4: Maple
3: Cyprus
2: Siberian Elm (and not just any old Elm either!)
1: The wonderous tree of my state, the Buckeye

And on that note, greatest kids movies
5: The Lorax
4: The Lorax
3: The Lorax
2: The Lorax
1: Mary Poppins
(02-22-2015, 09:23 PM)CosmykTheDolfyn Wrote: 2: Siberian Elm (and not just any old Elm either!)

Can you tell which one is the Siberian elm?
[Image: B0J5JSJ.jpg]
(I couldn't resist)
I like this thread. I'll have to think of some good stuff.

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