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The Gamer Tags thread - Make yo new friends here!
XBL : Psychospacecow
Steam : Psychospacecow
Starcraft 2 : Psychospace
League of Legends : Psychospace
Minecraft : Psychospacecow

(Look, I know its complicated and all but get over it)
Xbox: Retrolinkx
PSN: retrolinkx
3DS: 0130 - 1809 - 9538 (remember to PM me, if you've added me)
PC: Stusbu
Wii U: Retrolinkx
3DS Code : 4854 - 6821 - 1659
Steam - MexicanAnimeD2
I have the entire list here if you wanna add the old DYKG forum? :) It's fully updated.
PSN - DarkShire
Yo, Cody, you forgot moi :P

It's MassDistraction, Steam and PSN.
(03-17-2013, 06:41 AM)Mass Distraction Wrote: Yo, Cody, you forgot moi :P

It's MassDistraction, Steam and PSN.

Ah, it's fully updated as of the 3rd of March :( but yeah. Someone else'll have to do it and add the newer people till I gain my gain my whip back :(
Edit: I updated the thread with the new stuff. Lightmatt if you have a problem with it, then change it to how you see fit. I just integrated the old forumers with the new.
I didn't see my name in there (probably because I forgot to put my stuff up there on the old thread)

PSN: ouberry13

Yea, that's all. I have Steam, but I never use it, so it would be a waste to put it up here.
OK, well it's updated now. Ouberry_13 (or anyone else) want me to take anything off/edit?
Steam - Zaliphone
PSN - Zaliphone
3DS - 2363-5999-7594

Maybe this time I'll actually add people :)
XBL Gamertag: FlawlessPikachu
3DS Friend code: 2423-2428-9156
Well, I suppose I'll put my info here too:

Steam: [Fishfucker]Tim_Fishfucker (If that doesn't work, try jasndk)

Minecraft: qsdcv
PSN - Lucarioz3r0
Wii U - BritishBraviary
Alright, I'll update this a little later.
XBL: HotPockets27

WiiU: (I don't know which name it is, the one on top in black or the one below in grey)

3DS: 5069-4148-4188

3DS(my second one): 4854-7780-9427

MineCraft: TheCatWrangler

Steam: The Knucker King

PSN(I don't play very often): ThePlainGamer

LoL(I don't play very often): ThePlainGamer

Everything Online(youtube, twitter, etc) ThePlainGamer

I may have gotten some of those wrong and I don't play some of them very often.

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