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Mario Party - OMG
Funnily enough it turns out that this "D'oh I Missed" is actually a German Phrase being "So Ein Mist", from what this is telling me:
*Funny that an Italian like Wario would use a German Phrase when he got spun, finished a race in 5th to 8th place, and didn't receive a Trophy in Mario Kart 64 (which Nintendo of America did not like the sound of and changed it for the Western Releases where Wario sounds more Italian), which would be used again for Mario Party and Mario Party 2. I know, I've believed it to sound like "D'oh I Missed" myself when hearing it. As for what I've heard from Luigi's "Ohhh" when losing a minigame, they could be playing around with this MK64 Voice Clip to sound like he's moaning in despair:
(No new Dialogue had been recorded for the first 2 Mario Party Games and Mario Kart: Super Circuit from what I know of).

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