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HeartGold SoulSilver intro oddity
Towards the end of the HGSS opening sequence, there's a part where the 3 starters all move across the screen. Toto and Chiko use their in game sprites, but Cyndaquil's is a Sprite not seen in any previous or future Pokemon game. Maybe it's an early beta sprite that remained in the final release for some reason. During my research, I actually found a Bulbapedia article talking about the Beta for the game, and it explains that this oddity existed in the beta, but makes no mention of it existing in the final release. This is something I've found while shiny hunting in HGSS and watching the opening a couple hundred times.

I haven't managed to find any mention of this online other than the misleading bulbapedia article, despite my hours of research So, here we are. Included is a screenshot of the Cyndaquil sprite from the opening sequence, taken directly from my capture card, and a screenshot of all of Cyndaquil's sprites from Gen II to Gen IV, taken from


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