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Xannidel's livestream shenanigans!
Okay so it has been a while since I updated this thread and I apologize for that. Here is how things are going at the moment: The house is filled with relatives and my gf. My cousin came in a week ago because his liver is having problems and he is not leaving until August sometime. My aunt, I have 2 of them here at the moment, also came to check up on him, mom and son relationship, so she is leaving by next week. My girlfriend is also temporarily living with me so I do not have any real me time to stream let alone ask my friend to join me. She is also leaving in August to move in to her apartment. So as you can tell this is not going to be a fun summer for me because I will have hardly any me time to stream because my gf generally stays in my room to watch TV shows on her laptop and my cousin is bored out of his mind and likes to come up to pester me about being bored. Neither of them would really make good commentators so get that notion out of your head that they could join me in a game or two.

So onto other news, there are some games I have recently been backing on Kickstarter: A Hat in Time ( reached it's goal within the first day. The co-op stretch goal has recently been reached so I linked my friend the link and all he has to do is invest $15 to get a virtual copy of the game so he could POSSIBLY join me in a stream when the game is released.

Next game is HEX, an MMO TCG, that has reached well over 500% of it's goal. Here is a link ( This is a game I can stream because it will be all online stuff and I could even join other people if they wanted to battle me or whatever. I do not really know how much time I will put into the game but at least this is an option.

Finally, the last game I want to stream when it is released is Asylum (the KS ended iin February so linking the KS would sort of be pointless. I am currently beta testing the game to help make the game better and I believe the game will be releasing near Halloween so it would be an ideal Halloween stream. I can have my friend join me on that or do it solo because it will be a horror point and click game, if you saw my Scratches stream then it will be similar to that because the same person in charge of Scratches is in charge of Asylum.

So there are some games I can stream; also there is a MOBA that is in beta called Dawngate, developed by EA...Uh oh? The beta does not seem to have a NDA so I believe I am free to stream games of it if that is something people would be interested in.

I also have been checking games on Steam and one game that I found is Cry of Fear, a horror FPS game, that I could solo or have my friend join me.

And as always I love feedback and suggestions for games to stream but do keep in mind that my "me" time is rather limited.

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