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The Third Degree - Arjahn
Ok, so this thread was on the other forum and it was pretty popular for some while. Since this will be the new forum I thought why the hell not.

The rules are:

-Every two or three days, a submitted forum member will be chosen.
-This member will be interrogated with questions of other forum members.
-He will be free to decide whether or not to answer a question, without having to justify.

Basic tips for interrogators:

-Please do not repeat the same questions. I do not want the same guy ask five people, "What team are you?" or "What is your favorite game?".
-If questioning, deal with the consequences. If you ask something about a delicate subject, expect responses of the same style.

-Once you register, you are given a number according to your order of arrival.
-To avoid the "first comer, first interrogated", I will choose a random number to know whose turn is it.
-Once somebody is chosen, he will have 24 hours to appear. If you don't show up, you will lose your turn and choose somebody else.

Copy paste is awesome.


1. Minifig
2. SERIOUSLY THOUGH - Interrogated
3. Xannidel - Interrogated
4. Mass Distraction - Interrogated
5. A Zombie Riot - Interrogated
6. Beware of Cuccos - Interrogated
7. retrolinkx - Interrogated
8. The Antagonist - Interrogated
9. Hexadecimal - Interrogated
10. Berry - Interrogated
11. cingchris - Interrogated
12. Psychospacecow - Interrogated
13. Wardenclyffe - Interrogated
14. CosmykTheDolfyn - Interrogated
15. Reeves Reus
16. Ghost Nappa
17. Beardy
18. gamemaster1991
19. TheTrueBoss997
20. ssbawesome
... I guess I'll sign up, I'm pretty much an open book anyway so people can usually can ask me anything anyway.
As if I even have to request being signed up.

Fuego, Senor Antagonisto !
I'm okay with this.
Sure, why not.
Sign me up.
It died on the old forum as far as I remember, sign me up though.
(03-18-2013, 10:57 AM)retrolinkx Wrote: It died on the old forum as far as I remember, sign me up though.

It died because there wasn't that many people on the old forum posting at a regular basis.
I wanna do this again! ^^
I am totally in.
Let's get this thing started. Mass Distraction, you are first, baby.

Here are some questions:

1. How do you like the new forum?
2. Have you ever stolen something?
3. Your greatest personal achievement?
Oh wow, I was just skimming through the topics when I saw "Mass D" next to the playground section. My brain went poop. Aaaaaaanyway...

1. It's okay, I don't really have anything against it. It is, however, eating all my time with its activity.
2. My childhood is kinda fuzzy but I remember once taking a broken Kinder toy from a barbershop. Does that count?
3. Beating Resident Evil Missions. Definitely. That game was so atrocius that finally finishing it is my Woodstock.
The most important question of them all....

One, because it is a vile drink that turns even the most respectful men into complete scoundrels.

Two, that signal is over a thousand feet high. There's not really anyone looking for me, though, so... Good question.

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