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getting pop-ups
It was called systweak or something like that. I somehow feel responsible.
Gonna need to be a bit more descriptive than that?

I think I know what you're going through, since I'm also getting pop ups in my browser from something retarded I did.

No idea how to remove it, ran malware, deleted extensions, googled it, nothing.
Malwarebytes has found every problem on my end so far, have you tried that ?
If not, re-install your bowser. Sounds dumb but it might work.

EDIT - Totally not changing that typo.
I turned on adblock and it stopped. I don't want to use it here. I have no idea if it happens on other sites yet. I'll check soon.

http:/ / m/registr ycleane r/saymg/?SID=
link to pop-up w/ some spaces. Don't put it on. Only happening here.

Edit: Nevermind, its happening on Fallout Nexus also, has some flashing ad in the bar whenever it happens too.
We're currently working on changing our ad providers, because our current provider, Lijit, sucks massive donkey balls.
That's got to be annoying.
But... how else will I find all the single Russian ladies in [your area] who are craving me ?
If kicking your computer doesn't work, try not watching porn 24/7
ESET Online Scanner is awesome - it takes forever to scan but if you're going to be on your computer anyway open it up in a new window and minimise it.

This stuff has picked up issues on machines that other AV software just don't seem to find.
It says the page isn't redirecting properly.
(03-08-2014, 12:19 PM)Psychospacecow Wrote: It says the page isn't redirecting properly.

Weird, works fine for me - give the pop-up link a try (This is the actual scanner itself - the original link is to the splash page)
Scanning now, thanks Rob.

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