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What kind of anime? Once you figure out what you wanna stream, can you post a list or something?
Was figuring

Case Closed
Ghost in the Shell
Ryrouni Kenshin
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Maybe the newest dbz movie or a ghibli film.
If anyone has a suggestion, please suggest it.
If you'd be down to do this at the same time tomorrow, I'd be up for it. I dig me some GitS. Still chilling on the stream.
I probably won't be able to tomorrow but we'll see. Stream should start up in 40 or so minutes as of now.
Get hype!
Acquire hype in a calm and timely manner.

Should be starting up in 10 or so minutes, may pop in and out depending on irl circumstances but I'll keep in running.

We're starting up really soon.

We're starting up now.

First off, we have Detective Conan episode 1.

Stream will be back up momentarily.
Do not leave if it is down when you join, it will be back quickly.
Would recommend Jormungand.

Starting Maoyuu Maou.
So much demon boob and economy.
Much agriculture, such dat, very nobles.
I missed it, as per usual because I work Saturdays. D=

Who all went?
It was just me and Mass for this one.
Mur. No Hex? We should all have a Skype chat sometime.
Maybe but chat and show don't blend well.
The text chat on the side of videos is surprisingly entertaining. I enjoyed the anime night.
I'm going to have to step in here, I'm afraid. The act of what you're doing is considered highly illegal; streaming content like this online is highly questionable. Previously, when you streamed films for example, what you were doing was VERY much illegal.

I'm not comfortable with allowing the discussion of an illegal stream to continue on our forum. I understand this may be frustrating, but I'd advise you to continue discussions elsewhere for things of this nature.

We aren't ready to be held liable for assisting in the collaboration of illegal distribution of content. I'm sure you all understand.

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