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Screwattack Gaming Convention (SGC)

SGC is a convention that's going to be held in Dallas, Texas by The Screwattack Crew and have guests such as Shane Gill (DYKG owner/operator), JonTron, PBG, ProJared, and others in the convention. Considering that this is my first convention and I'm going to meet some friends that I've grown close to online, I'm pretty excited and hoping for a damn good time.

Anyone else going or have any useful hints or advice?
Aw, come on! Why does it seem that everyone else is going the year I am not D:

In any case, I would sugest reserving both hotel and tickets early. Like, right now early. You'll save a bunch of cash. Also see if they have a deal like last year with the hotel they are using and giving rooms for attendees for cheaper price.

Don't sleep. At all. Sleep and you miss on the bestest stuff. I learned this the hard way.

Have money on you. The vendor room is a gold mine of cool gaming stuff.

If you don't know the area beforehand, make sure to look it up and make note of best ways to move around. This will help during the time there is no convention stuff happening.

I would absolutely love to go. My brother lived near Dallas for a while, and it'd be great to meet all these people, especially Shane. Would consider it an honor, ya know?
Keiji Inafune is going to be there, apparently.
Man, SGC was a BLAST last year! For me, I got to meet a lot of YouTube guys that I was a fan of and partied for three days straight. Video games, people, tabletop games, and booze, all of my favorite things put together in one spot! :D
I'm so bummed that I only saw you there for the fraction of a second :P
The convention is being streamed live throughout the weekend:

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