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The Free Gaming Thread v2 : Electric Boogaloo
I got Diablo 3. I really like it.

Like. REALLY like it.
Got back into Killer is Dead, the one thing I dislike about it is that the normal enemies are no challenge to beat, then out of nowhere the boss character becomes so retardedly hard to beat and I'm wasting three mika tickets over here.
(11-18-2014, 02:31 PM)retrolinkx Wrote: Got back into Killer is Dead, the one thing I dislike about it is that the normal enemies are no challenge to beat, then out of nowhere the boss character becomes so retardedly hard to beat and I'm wasting three mika tickets over here.

So yeah, it's pretty much impossible to do a Solo LASO Campaign on any Halo, and if it isn't it's beyond my capability, and I'm talking without exploiting any type of glitch or bug.

To do it on MCC is 45 levels through the whole of Halo 1 - 4, which nets a 50G achievement to do them all, and 30G individually (although, you can do it Co-op)

Attempted it, couldn't get passed the first level even with running, messing with enemy AI and utilising Black Eye. It's very hard.

I thought of trying to get all 450 Achievements, but with that being 5 of them, along with doing Annual again I may just give up and play Mulitplayer until the servers go down.
10 Amiibos
Smash Bros with GameCube coverter
Smash Bros Controller (for collection sake)
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Steel tin 
All pre-ordered.

Welcome to Ninvember. 
I've been playing Zelda:Link between worlds, So after countless deaths and quitting(I honestly don't want to repay the bunnyman because I'm a cheap scumbag) I have finally made it to the dark realm known as "Lorule" and going to face the third dungeon.

So far the game has been treating me like a bitch since the enemies somehow always catch me off-guard and apparently 8 hearts aren't enough. This wouldn't have been a problem if I just simply just watch a walkthrough like I do with just about every other zelda game that I get stuck in but I really want to be surprised and finally accomplish a zelda game on my own.

The sad part is this game is borrowed and as such, I ALWAYS have to see my best bud perfect game profile on the main menu. As if he is rubbing it in ....

Link between worlds was kinda easy to be honest, finished it in a couple of days. But if you don't play Zelda much or rely on walkthroughs more so than usual, I can see where the difficulty lies.

Now try Link to the Past and see how far you get.

This video alone makes me want to just get GTAV for PS4 and not wait for the PC version. The first person looks amazing.
So I restarted Knights of the Old Republic.

I don't know if it's just because I love Star Wars, or because I really connected with the characters, but this is the only game where I will not skip the dialogue.

Just so this is clear; I don't care much for a story in a game. I'm with Carmack on this one. But, for some reason, I love the plot of KOTOR, and I love learning more about my party members through the dialogue and interactions. I got really immersed into the story. I mean, my only motivation to replay the game (besides loving the game) was to experience more of the story.

There was even a part where I replayed a chunk of the game, just to do the light side quest, simply because I was scared of what my party would think of me otherwise.
(11-19-2014, 09:11 PM)Zaliphone Wrote: This video alone makes me want to just get GTAV for PS4 and not wait for the PC version. The first person looks amazing.

It's amazing, I got it day one and I've been addicted like I was when it came out on PS3 and 360. It is a whole new game, shooting feels great, driving is more difficult but in a fun way and the first person just pulls you in. The graphics look fantastic with little details being added and more animals.
Nobody told me about the Flood. I'm now hooked on playing more Halo if I can be as entertained when I was fighting them underground.

That being said, I would like to point out the the LOOOOOOOOONG levels mixed with ever spawning Flood should not mix. As much as the Flood scared me in the level "343 Guilty Spark," the level "The Library" has made me want to kill every single one of them.

I also want to add that Guilty Spark (the charicter this time) is a dick. The music may be too load to hear him most of the time, but the things I hear don't help.
Been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition almost non-stop since I got it on Tuesday (though non-stop only applies to when I get home from work, but the moment I do it is to play that).

Holy crap this game is so much bigger than the other two games were. The areas you explore are much more expansive that either game. When you get to an area you can explore these huge areas each with unique terrain and weather. They basically took their cue from Skyrim and just made a huge world to explore. The character development is not as developed as the other games were in the sense that they don't let you keep talking about new things after each even that occurs beyond the major plot points.

Story thus far is fantastic and is slowly, layer by layer, unveiled to you the player. I am not always a fan though of the sort of non-linear story progression or the fact that my first major choice in the game basically tells me you can't have your cake and eat it too. You must chose which faction at this point you want on your team and abandon the other one because both factions don't like the other and can't work together (and you can't apparently go all badass and convince them to join together).

Also, unlike the other games when fighting Dragons, these Dragons are like Skyrim's. They are huge and you can see them from far off when they move, they don't just appear. However, unlike Skyrim, they are not something to be fought lightly. They are massive, powerful and can fuck you up really quickly. Hell I stumbled upon a Giant and a Dragon fighting and it ended in a draw. The Dragon flew off, the Giant was almost dead so being the opportunistic bastard that I am, I thought to finish him off. BOOM! Dead right away, switched to my secondary characters/support team. Had one revive me while the others fought the Giant. Main guy revived and then we with luck killed the Giant. The odd thing was, it was one level below me but was able to deal MASSIVE damage to me.

So if this thing could do that with only a level below me, I'm fucked if I try to fight a Dragon, any major Dragon. There are smaller ones sure, but they are push overs compared to these big SOBs.

Anyway, that is what I've been doing game wise this past week so far.
I just played Shadow of Mordor on my X360. It runs on 20-25 fps and the load times... THE LOOOOOAD TIMES. No wonder Dying Light was canceled for last gen.
Started playing Danganronpa.

For now, I'm making sure I have a walking dead mentality and to not get attached to anyone, even though a character that I liked has died, quite quickly as well.
My brother got Inquisition as a pre-order. I asked him to make his first character into Bruce Campbell. It worked.

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