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The Free Gaming Thread v2 : Electric Boogaloo
When you see it:

[Image: 6zRTtGn.jpg]

That was a fun stream. Its cool that that game had its own stream commands.
Tried Dark Souls for the second time. Nope, can't do it. 
You just die too much and do the same thing over and over again, coupled with the "lol here's an enemy who has literally landed on your face sword first" every two minutes.
Great fun for those I've watched play, but I just can't get into it.

I watched a Minecraft tournament yesterday. It was rather cool and I talked to the old man who was running it.
There were four televisions set up in a square and this old guy, who was retired and did nothing but play on Minecraft, created this huge world with buildings, streets, naval ships, subways and Gilligan's Island. The players had a time limit to run around and find a specific type of block/"treasure chest" that had a sign in front of them stating how many points the "treasure chest" is worth. They'd tell the score keeper who would look at the screen and record points. I didn't watch it to the end but I did watch one girl take over second place with 4 minutes left. There were money prizes for rank and "treasure chest" was a free Xbox One to the first person to find it. No one found it. It was rather fun to watch.
Well my GPU fan has sadly died and this means that playing video games overheats the thing and shuts the computer off.

My motherboard has trouble playing video games that aren't 2D spirte games and such, luckily after some tweaks, tf2mate and console commands. I can play TF2 in 720p at around 40-50fps. A massive improvement over everything being on low, and getting 9fps.

Still a massive shame, I'm going to have to get a new GPU and possibly a new OS which means everything on the computer will be deleted and I have some things on here that I'd need to move to a folder for saving which could take a lot of time.

The internet never cease to amaze me.

I agree.
I've collected speedrunners from all over Ohio and beyond, found a place to rent, watched a ton of speedruns, and came up with a schedule for us to put on a mini speedrunning marathon. AND THE SCHEDULE IS LOOKING AWESOME BUT HOLY COW THIS IS TOO MUCH WORK.
So I was in FUNKe's newest TF2 video.

I go by the handle Not Alexander, along with my friend Zachattack and Nano.

The annoying part was that I was using a pretty bad computer at the time, which only outputs around 30-40fps at a time. I was messing around with my friend Nano to see who could Demoknight better. Obviously I was just messing around, but when I did get killed it was just annoying since I dislike FUNKe a lot and we just thought it wasn't the real person so we didn't care much.

But whatever, I guess I'm in a gameplay video now.
Guys, we gotta Overwatch sometime on Friday.

And this is why i love the internet so much
Well Overwatch runs at 20fps no reason.

I beat the recommended requirements for both the GPU and CPU. Drivers are updated.

It just wants to run at 20fps for no reason.
That is odd. My little bro can play it no problem and his computer can't even do F:NV at max.

Blizz games are weird. Heroes and Hearthstone crash for me sometimes when I can play Fallout 4 for hours without issue.
It's probably some weird Overwatch thing affecting my computer.

It's annoying, I just hope Blizzard can update the game after the beta to make it work on computers who have problems like this.

In other news, I'm thinking of cosplaying Edgeworth for this months comic con, anyone know where I could get a Red Suit for a reasonable price?

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