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So what does it mean when I don't get a reply back?
I've sent a lot of trivia over the past, only for no confirmation if anything has happened with it.

I remember I sent one about Hideki Kamiya voicing Godot in Phoenix Wright: T&T but did not get any confirmation if it was accepted or rejected.

Although, I did send one about L4D2/Chad L Coleman after that and I received a letter back telling me it was rejected.

So, I'm confused about what the procedure is here. Now, don't get me wrong. You guys do an amazing job with the amount of people you have checking the trivia, the wording, the sources and much more, but I'm just wondering if what I sent was even looked at, or was it lost?

Right now, I just sent a trivia submission saying that Minecraft is now the second best selling game of all time, totaling 54 million sales, and I'm wondering if that will be looked at or not.

Also, has this happened to other people? You've sent some trivia only for no confirmation of it being accepted or rejected?
I've had this happen with a few trivia as well. I'm not sure if to re-send it, or keep waiting since at least two of them were submitted about 2 months ago.
We try to take on trivia that can be easily dealt with first and foremost, as we have over 250 submissions in the queue, and are dealing with a fair few every day only to have it stack up. The issue is that we don't have enough dedicated staff to handle the load that we are receiving, and our attempts and bringing on new staff in the past have proved futile.

Your submissions won't ever be "lost" - you will always receive a PM with a rejection or approval.
Ah ok. I understand you have a lot on your plate, and I didn't want to sound like a dick in my post, but I have been wondering about some of the submissions for some time.

Thank you anyhow.
I have only had one piece of trivea never responded to. It was about Master Hand being in a Kirby game. I'm fairly sertin that I sent it out but I never heard anything back. After sometime passed I gave up on it, thinking that someone else would pick it up, which RoboBadnik did (LINK). I all, but forgot about it until now.

I really doudt they did that on purpose since this was back when the site was new.
I do remember one time submitting something and getting a reply back at least 5 months later saying someone had already submitted it

It hadn't been that way when I submitted it originally, but I can't remember what the trivia even was. But sometimes it just takes a very long time.
I literally just got something on the site that I submitted maybe half a year ago if my memory hasn't betrayed me which it very well might have. They've just got a lot on their plate with too few servers, if that makes sense.
The oldest item currently in the queue was submitted on March 28th. I work on it whenever I get caught up on my cleanup work, but I'm still buried from all the recent activity, so it's mostly been DidYouKnowGaming and Dazz, with some help from the other staff.

We get a lot of submissions on a daily basis, and it takes some work to check the sources and ensure that the submission accurately presents the information and complies with the submission guidelines. When it doesn't, we're faced with the decision to either clean it up ourselves, or reject it and explain why to the submitter. I think we're all tempted to go with the former option, because we like gaming trivia, and want to add more to the site, but that does mean more work for us, and thus a slower acceptance rate.

There's also the third option: let it sit in the queue, and hope the next staff member to look at it will take care of it. I think that's actually the choice we make the most when a submission isn't polished enough. Or maybe someone takes a whack at cleaning it up, but isn't satisfied with it, and once again, leaves it for the next person to finish. I think we all hate to reject submissions. But I'm getting the impression that you guys would actually appreciate it more if we did -- you'd get a faster response, and could improve the item and resubmit it. I think we just need to make it clear whether a submission is being rejected because it's flat-out wrong or inappropriate for the site, or whether it simply needs some more research or polish to make it presentable.

Accepting or rejecting a submission automatically sends a PM to the submitter, so unless there's a glitch in the site, you should always receive a reply. It's a known thing that email notifications have been a bit flaky in the past, so it's possible that you won't have received an email about it, so check your PMs. I think some additional transparency is on the table in the site's future, but Petie's got several sites to maintain, and thus a lot of code on his plate.
I swear that i posted both an MW2 and a Skullgirls piece of trivia like a month ago, and i still haven't got it. Should I just resubmit it?
Nah, its just a slow process sometimes.
FINALLY my Skullgirls trivia is posted. No offense, but it took like, what, 1 or 2 months?

Oh well, better late than never.
Apologies, I've been away for 10 days on my anniversary, and we currently have 466 submissions pending.

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