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What happened to the articles?
The last one was posted around 8 months ago. Are we going to get any new ones?
I was thinking the same thing. Maybe they just have a lot of trivia and don't have time to write articles.
We're planning a bit of a shuffle with the site, and realise that articles aren't particularly popular on the site. We will likely dedicate the time that went into articles into creating new video content.
That seems like a good idea since we all seem to like the videos (some of us found DYKG that way). Still the articles were kinda cool. I wouldn't mind seeing them turn into a once in a while thing or maybe a once a month thing.
I know it's a long stretch, but it would be cool to see user submitted articles. The staff would obviously check them out to see if they meet the standards. It would be cool to see, but I doubt it would happen.
It's actually technically set up for that and I, for one, would like to see the articles return so if you or anyone else thinks they're up to the task, submit a sample article here and we'll see about getting some dedicated writers.
I just might do that. Is there any format I need to set them up in or do I just put the article here and you guys will take care of the extra stuff (pictures, etc.)?
Given our lack of time to properly devote to articles right now, you'll need to provide images as well. The system lets you upload them directly so it will be easy if/when you start.

As far as the format goes, just take a look at the existing articles and try to stick to that. While clickbait titles and lists do tend to draw readers, I'd also like to request that they be avoided whenever possible. I'd prefer fewer but quality articles to a slew of the plague currently infecting most article sites.
Alright then, Petie.
I also would love to write for the site. I believe I already sent in an article, but never got word back about it.
I seem to recall you submitting something but it was so long ago that I'd recommend you just do so again. For those interested, submissions can be made directly to this thread.
Here's my article then. It's title is:
Top References in Nintendo Games... To Other Nintendo Games.
Now, I do understand that my writing style is a tad less direct than other articles, but I can easily strip it down to the bare facts format of other articles and continue writing in such fashion.
I was going to make a list, but seeing as Petie doesn't want to have too many lists, I'll have to do something else. Hmm...
I would also gladly write another article entitled "Games that Are Super Quick to Win For the Wrong Reasons", a look at several games that are super fast to play through due to massive glitches.
(08-01-2014, 07:53 PM)ClaudX Wrote: I was going to make a list, but seeing as Petie doesn't want to have too many lists, I'll have to do something else. Hmm...

Lists aren't outright forbidden. In reality, they are unfortunately what will draw in readers so they're definitely allowed. I'd just also like to see some other, maybe more well thought-out articles thrown in the mix.

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