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Last game you beat
My best memories with Portal 2 multiplayer was cutting GLADoS off when she was talking it some dancing. She'd get mad about it too, which made it funnier.

Co-Op mode in Portal 2 was fantastic. Portal 2 was soo much better than the first game.

The game I most recently beat was Dishonored. Great game but a very predictable story. But that gameplay... that gameplay is so freaking fun!
does Injustice Count?
Liberation Maiden.

Short game but I loved it. Now I only need to go through all the missions again and try to 100% them. Looking forward to the PS3 sequel.
Kingdom Hearts I.

No matter how many times I beat that game, I'm simply blown away.
Tenchu Z.

Oh boy. Those 50 missions are awfully repetitive. They should have go for quality instead of quantity. 13 hours of the 5 same map is really a bad idea.
The reboot of Tomb Raider
Dragon warrior 2, x-men nes (god awful), the original legend of zelda.
I'm in the middle of moving out of my girlfriend's family's house and into an apartment (some would say this is growing up). But juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust before we had to pick it all up, I beat Half-Life 2 and Portal on The Orange Box. Also finally beat Hybrid Heaven a couple of days ago.
Hmmm i think the last game i beat was Tales of Graces F yeah that f is in the title of the game
Mine was Fire Emblem Awakening, and I'm still upset that it's over.
Finally beat Super Metroid, only got 68% completion.
Be jealous.
Assassin's Creed III.

Hotel Dusk: Room 215

It was a fun game and a nice change from the usual Ace Attorney games I play. It was heart warming to see all the characters happy at the end but a lot of mysteries were still left unsolved. Oh, and I never got the sticker challenge award because HOW ON EARTH WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW HOW TO GET THE COINS FOR THE MACHINE!! I did find all the stickers and got the equation from that, though. I guess it's now time to go and find myself Last Window to see how the story continues.
I just beat Super Mario World. It was really fun, but that damn Bowser boss at the end was really difficult. I pretty much had it down to an exact science by the time I beat him.

The puzzle design is F*CKING GENIUS! But they could do some more work on the combat though. 8/10! I gonna start Darksiders 2 after my final exam of this semester. Good games just have to wait.

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