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That one game you want to play but keep putting it off
There's always a few, this isn't like a backlog this is just games you want to play but just can't bring yourself to.

For me, there's Earthbound I hear it's great and all and I'd probably love it but I just can't bring myself to play it cause I feel I'd play it later.

Paper Mario TTYD as well, I loved the original but I just can't be asked to put the disc in the GC and play and finish this version.

The Oracle and Season Zelda games. I did play them a little but I don't have that save anymore, and I just can't bring myself to try and play them again. I hear they're different than Awakening but I can't be asked to try and play them.

Ugh, then there's Asscreed 4. I played the other 5 games but I just really can't play this one. Haven't even started. I should probably jump on it soon though.
The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. I don't know why I don't play it too much, honestly.
Xenoblade Chronicles. It's too much time to dedicate to JRPGs. I played through Persona 4: Golden and gave that 100+ hours. Then took a break. I just fully completely all the story, side missions, characters to 300 and (as of today) last achievement in Resonance of Fate which was another 100+ hours. They're a very draining genre that you have to prepare for.

Other games include Tomb Raider, Lords of Shadow 2 and my backlog but they are short and can be done quite easily. Usually money, time and/or motivation constraints.
L.A Noire. Life of mine is getting in the way of me finishing this game.
My entire Steam-library.
Mega Man X 7 & 8. I keep trying to play X7 but I keep puting it down for some reson and I want to beat it before I play X8.

Orphen. This I keep planing on playing but I keep playing other things before I get around to it.
I started a Chrono Cross playthrough 2 years ago, then school started. I want to finish it but its time consuming and I'm actually doing things now. Same case for Hitman Absolution.
Mine are the same. For some reason I just can't bring myself to play Earthbound games and Paper Mario games. I like the way they look and I would probably really like them if I played, but I just can't bring myself to play them.
Red Dead Redemption. It's awesome from what I've played so far, but haven't gone really far into the game.
I bought De Blob a month ago and still haven't played it. I liked De Blob 2 and played through it and replayed it, but just haven't touched the first one.

And so many Rpgs. So many.
I absolutely adore Silent Hill Downpour and reeeeeally want to get through it but I always find myself playing everything but.

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