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Xannidel's livestream shenanigans!
Pre-show circle jerk live. Fixing audio and junk.
(01-06-1972, 06:34 AM)Lightmatt Wrote: Pre-show circle jerk live. Fixing audio and his junk.

Fixed that for you
Well that was a fun 3 hours, that game showed potential but that is all it showed, along with a lot of laughs. For an indie game, which I assume it was, that was not too bad.

Within a week or two I plan to stream Phantasmagoria, whether I do it all in one sitting or not I have no idea but Jordan and I will work on the audio problems.

Cody showing off the highlight of the stream in one simple picture: [Image: streamlol.png]
Yo no joke, I enjoy watching those puzzle games so Phantasmagoria would be interesting to watch...if that's your later choice.
Yeah Phantasmagoria will work, I forgot how to do half the shit but there is a hint system that I will try not to abuse.
If not, there's always Jerry....

....and moldy cat-moose monster.
I have the perfect stream for another time after Phantasmagoria, The Dig!

I hope I can get it to go into windowed mode from Steam but this game is
a point and click adventure game with puzzles and the story was made by
Stephen Spielberg.

Okay so a quick update is that I am going to get a cable today that
should allow my friend to hear the in game audio and music and what not
which is crucial for any game at any time (except Miasmata) so when I
get the cable he and I will test it to see if it works and then if it
does or does not that we will have to find something else. So fingers
crossed because I am really wanting to play Phantasmagoria after so many

Just FYI, a special stream of Bioshock Infinite!
Pffff as if I'm going to watch any of these...

Stream starts now! Come join the fun as we explore Columbia!
I don't remember Bioshock Infinite looking like Rick Astley but I guess that'd the PC exclusive DLC[Image: Kappa.png]
Oh don't you know? It was totally a secret DLC off of Steam.
Glad you all enjoyed.
(04-01-2013, 06:50 PM)Xannidel Wrote: Oh don't you know? It was totally a secret DLC off of Steam.
Glad you all enjoyed.

Well bugger, I was out for dinner.
Link to the stream ?
Ok so a quick update, I will start streaming this weekend sometime. I have some games lined up that are NOT Phantasmgoria so there you go. I will try some horror games and what not but what I also want to try is some MMO streaming such as Allods Online/Runes of Magic. Maybe some other games in the future but that is all I can think of for right now.

If you have suggestions please let me know. Thanks!
I just got bloody rick roll'd.

Stream some really obscure japanese game that you don't understand. It'll be fun to see you fight through that.
Ao Oni?

Gonna have to give me some hints here.

So it has been awhile since I really talked about streaming something, for that i am sorry but 2 things have come up. 1) I now have a job so that sort of takes some free time away, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 2) I am trying a different program other then Xsplit called Open Broadcasting Software or OBS and here is where I am mentioning the update:

OBS is being an ass and not wanting to stream properly to my twitch because I wanted to stream some Smite gameplay. So if I can get this program working I am going to be streaming Smite on a daily basis either with a group or solo queuing.
I also have my webcam set to the stream as well so now that I have that working could I possibly do a scare cam type stream? Perhaps but I do not know many horror games so that is where I want you guys to give me some suggestions on games to stream.
My friend can still join me on those streams but I will not have a guest join me on my Smite streams unless they are on my team. Also would you guys want me to stream some MMOs that could entertain you people as well?

Please provide feedback on this update.

Also I am in the process of changing the layout of my page, so expect the page to look different within the next few weeks.

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