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The ^ < V Game
^ Yes, I was concieved under a crazy cosmic star formation/combination.
< I am a human paladin.
v Do your homework!
^ No.
< Is Frustrated with self.
v Will make me a sandwich.
^A sandwich? Don't you prefer a cake? (GlaDos mode: On)
< Wish I could play more than what I actually do
V Look behind you! A three-headed monkey!
^ Oooh, you mistook my bonsai for a Sudowoodo!
< I wish it didn't rain outside.
v Will you go for a Lord of the Rings marathon with The Hobbit along (extended versions of course) with me?
^ Sorry, I have plans next year.
< I should go outside.
v Your mission is to decline this mission, do you accept?
^ Perhaps, what is the reward?
< Needs geometry assistance
V Will die by the hands of a valkyrie turtle.
^ Sorry, I am a human paladin!
< I want a drink.
v Whould you like an ABC gum?
^ Meh. Do you have any 123 gum?
< I am bored.
v What should I do?
^Start delivering milk *durr durr*
<Lacks Steve Urkel-ness
v Was it you that murder me in the pale of moonlight?
^ Sorry, I have you scheduled for next week.
< has a headache and is taking break
V just activated my trap card.
^ I have a Jinzo in my deck.
< I am eating cake!
v What are you doing now?
^ just browsing this lovely forum.
< needs to get off her lazy butt and go eat breakfast.
v if I win you'll be my servant! >:3
^ I always win!
< Still hasn't done his homework
V Come back when you're a bit. . Mmmmm. . Richer.
^ Let me cut some bushes and I'll return with my bag full of rupees :)
< Tomorrow: Math test. Now: In this forum. I deserve to fail.
V Complete the song: 'He's gonna take you back to the past...' (Hint: Youtuber)
^ No, because you cut me off.
< Is saddened by how few people on here play Yu-Gi-Oh!
V is attacked directly by my Five Headed Dragon.

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