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What did you get for Christmas?
Stuff that I got.

The Art of The Book Of Life
Guardians of the galaxy(DVD)
Sin City a Dame to kill for(DVD)
The boulevard of broken dreams(A graphic novel)
A book on the covers of the women of DC comics
A 20 dollar check
A new sketchbook 
Professional watercolor markers
We just got back from Christmas with Patrick's family, and I got a The Sims 4 gaming mouse!! I'm so excited!
I got 135 USD in gift cards and a blue Hoodie. The cards were nice and all, and will help me with getting a game console, games for it and all that, which is what was intended for it, but it also made things seem really impersonal, which is kind of a disappointment when I spent so much time finding out what people wanted before I bought anything. I wasn't aware I was that difficult to shop for, and it honestly made me a bit upset that the only person who thought of a physical gift I could open that wasn't in a card was my Grandpa who I don't even see that often anymore.
- 4 Japanese "Dragon Ball" mangas
- a Revoltech Yotsuba
- a Yoshi figurine ( , looks pretty cool and is kind of heavy
- A Red Pikmin and Yellow Pikmin plush
- Freedom wars for the PS vita (but parents will send it a little later because mailing this time of year in France errr)
- Money to buy a little computer to use at the university

I don't care if I have money or a physical gift, but when I have money I usually don't want to spend it so it's like I have nothing... Until I use it. Nice christmas, I just wanted a model kit but didn't have one aw, will have to see if I still have money after buying the computer... And there is a Japan Digimon vita game that I may want to buy too hmm...

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