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Digimon game trivia
1. There are a few differences in the western localization of the entire Digimon franchise, aside from some of the names being different, the words "Digivolve" and "Digievolution" replace the words "shinka" and the translated version of "shinka", "evolution" both verbally and visually.

And evidence this is not just exclusive to Digimon Tamers and Rumble Arena, here's the japanese version and dub of the Digimon Adventure anime and the Digimon Adventure game for PSP which was never released in the west:

There are plenty of other examples but these are the ones that stand out the most for me and this should be plenty of evidence.

2. The japanese opening for Digimon Digital Card Battle (known as Digimon Digital Card Arena in Japan) has the opening theme for Digimon Adventure 02, Target, while the western version has the instrumental version of the opening theme for the first three series of the Digimon anime in America, which was also used as an evolution theme (albeit with a few lyrics). (This video contains the dub openings for Frontier and Savers(Data Squad), but I only mentioned the first three in the trivia).

3. Digimon Digital Card Battle had different card backs between the american and japanese versions of Digimon Digital Card Battle, which also applied to the physical card game at the time.

The card backs were unchanged in the english dub of Digimon Tamers, which is also true for Digimon World 3 (in spite of the card game in Digimon World 3 not actually being the same one). Oddly the english version of Digimon Rumble Arena, which was mostly based on Digimon Tamers, had the american card game backs in the american version instead. (beneath the "series 6 booster" link) (it should be noted that the digi battle card game also intially had a different card back, but this is the version used in the game)

4. It should be noted that I haven't been able to find any information on differences with the PAL releases of these games, hence why I specified the american releases, though I have no reason to doubt there is a difference. However, based on what I've seen, several international dubs not in english use either of the theme songs while Italy uses their own theme songs, which seems to be fairly common for international releases of cartoons in general: I can't find one of these for Tamers (though Italy seems to have conformed in this case, but it sounds like they took "creative liberties" with the lyrics and are adhering to the engish dub terminology...), but it's not really important because digital card battle came out around the time Adventure 02 was starting.

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