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New Tags
Hey guys,

We're going through renovations on our back end, making a number of changes to improve features that already exist and generally just clean up some of our trails. Since the site's creation, we introduced a bunch of features, some working out and some not so much. We're just cleaning up remnants of things we left in by mistake, and adjusting the rest of the site accordingly.

One feature we're making changes to are tags. We'll be allowing users to submit tags with their submissions, but also allowing for the use of multiple tags on a piece of trivia. As such, we're making tags a bit more specific in order to make the feature slightly more useful. As it stands we have 7 tags, but in our new iteration we have 33 tags set up at the moment.

Instead of a bold tag like "RegionalDifference", we've decided to create header tags, and children tags.
[Image: 7HCbu8h.png]

These are the tags that we currently have implemented and we're working to add to all the trivia currently on the site. As you can see, you need to include the parent tag in order to include a child tag - this means when you're looking at a tag's trivia, you can either have a more general approach, or more specific depending on what you'd prefer.

The only tag not shown that we will be adding soon is "RealLife", under the General parent tag.

So, is there a tag you think we should include but have yet to do so yet? Make your suggestions below and we'll put them in for consideration!! :)
Perhaps "Censorship" for certain trivia under Version Difference, like with the recently added trivia for HuniePop.
Otherwise, I'd say the new tags cover just about everything necessary.
There's a few I've come across while going through the list, something like "Reused Content" would be common, and some sort tags to cover music, like when two games use the same track, or even when they use an unrelated or famous piece of music and we give the details on the title and composer of the piece.
Although I have no idea what you would call that in this tagging scheme.

Oh, possibly "Unreleased Game" or "Banned Game" would be useful too, always good trivia about why games were unreleased or banned in certain regions.
Those would go as cancelled release, under development.

As for music, interesting idea. We'll definitely discuss that!
You all know where I'll be for the next few weeks... Living up to my tagging queen title!!
How about a category for seasonal events? Like, certain games change depending on the date.
Oooh, I like it. With the amount of trivia we have now, it will be beneficial to be able to categorize it more specifically. Grouping the tags like that is a great idea, because it allows people to just choose the parent tag if they want lots of results, or choose one of the child tags if they're interested in something more specific. Going to be a lot of work re-tagging everything though. What's the plan for the migration process, since even the parent tags are a bit different from our current ones?
We're working on a new version of the site and the tagging features are already built into and working on it. The new tags aren't visible on the live site yet but the data will transition once we launch the new one.

Spherix, PM me if you want to get involved with the tagging process - we'd certainly appreciate the help. Let me thank anyone else in advance for offers but, for now, this mass re-tagging system is limited to staff.
We are down from about 8,500 tags? to 8,098 !!! 407 pages left! WOOO!

OMG down to 7,999. 400 pages left!!
This makes me so happy as I'm really just doing tags in my spare time. LOL
1,000 tags down!
7,678 to go! LOL
384 pages left!
(02-25-2015, 07:50 AM)tigerlily Wrote: 1,000 tags down!
7,678 to go! LOL
384 pages left!

[Image: yayyyyyyyy-you-can.jpg]
Down to 7,029 tags.
It's a hard slog!
Keep going Tigerlily, I BELIEVE IN YOU
(03-30-2015, 04:32 PM)Furo Wrote: Keep going Tigerlily, I BELIEVE IN YOU

Now down to 6,510.
Loonnnggg processsss.

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