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Infrarated games of the history
Hey! I created this thread to post games that were very good, but for some reason, didn't had the recognition they deserved.

I have 3 of this games:

-Dante's Inferno: Most of you know this game. It's a hack n' slash game, that I think it was infrarated because it was considered as a God of War copy. Too bad.

-Bulletstorm: This game was infrarated because it was 'just another shooter'. But anyone who played 2 minutes of it knows it's not. It's about killing with style.
For example, you pull an enemy to you with a whip, you kick him (Duke Nukem style) and fry him with bullets while he stomps on a electrified barrier. Awesome.

-Disaster Day of Crisis: This is actually one of my favourite games. It's about terrorists who are able to create earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano's eruptions, etc. It's gameplay has a lot of varity, with driving stages, QTEs, shooting, and saving survivors.
It was infrarated mainly for it's graphics. They were preety bad, even for the Wii (it was an exclusive). Seriously, if you see this one on a store, TAKE IT.

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