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Good, Bad, or Ugly...I mean Neutral...
So, when given the choice in vidya games, who are you usually

The Good Guy?
The Bad Guy?
Or the Neutral Guy?

For me, I'm always the good guy, finding other way around situations, killing people if I have to, and of course choosing the most heroic choices I can. I can never really be bad unless someone does something to me and makes me angry or annoyed and I just have to kill them.

Oh, but I do steal things if I like them, and at the beginning of the game, because I need new stuff, and I like new things.

Whenever I do play the bad guy, it's usually for achievements, or for a different playthrough, but not on my first.

It's why I can't way for the next Fallout. Fallout NV was fun, and I hope 4 will be too.
Despite the fact I love villains I tend to go the good guy route during the very rare times I play a game that has such options.

It was sort of funny; I wanted the chaos route on Devil Summoner 2 but I couldn't stand to pick the bad choices the story allowed. I changed my alignment by using the transformation spell in order to enter the women's bath house multiple times xD
I am usually the good guy. I find it very hard to be neutral and bad leaves me feeling, well evil.
I love being the bad guy in games, but if I'm in a game where I can make choices I kinda feel like a dick when I do bad things.
I'm usually the good guy.

I don't like being the bad guy because being evil doesn't make a damn difference in the gaming world. They just get the butts destroyed by the hero.

Being netural doesn't making a difference either.
However much I may try to do otherwise, I always end up being the good guy.

For example - I completed Knights of the Old Republic a few years back as a really good jedi, and decided to start a new game as a really evil sith. I lasted all of 30 minutes before feely too guilty to go on :(

However much I may think "this is only a game, these NPCs don't really exist" I still like to see them be merry.
It really all depends on the game for me. I don't like making any character in a game angry, so in games such as Mass Effect, where the choices you make affect dialogue more than gameplay, I try to stay good, if only to save me the terrible guilt I would feel if I made someone angry. For games like inFamous and Bioshock, where it only affects how the game plays out and doesn't have any kind of a lasting affect on the relationship between me and the characters (especially if there isn't one to begin with) then I will usually end up doing two playthroughs, starting with good, and finishing with evil.
When I play a game, mainly in RPG's, I just do whatever I want. So, I'll be a good guy in the beginning and then turn evil by the end. Happened on the first playthroughs of Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas.
I like to play the good guy who does bad things.
I'm usually the bad guy since being a good guy was SO 80's :P
I like being the good guy on my first playthrough. I just don't feel alright when I am being the bad one! There was an exception when I played Dishonored though!
But if there are any achievements that need me to be bad then it's a must thing to do.
Always the good guy, but when I finish the game and it's time to start it over, I'm the bad guy.
Even when I am playing as someone who should be evil I end up doing good things. It's really weird.
I prefer being the bad guy. It gives that sense of power like nothing can stop me cause I am better than everyone else. It also gives fear to my enemies. I just prefer being evil rather than the good guys.
I'm the good guy in most of my games, that being sad I wasn't good with what happened to Megaton in Fallout 3 so...but that's a one-off.

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