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Let's talk Shinies (Pokemon)
Anyone who played pokemon for a long time pretty much knows about Shiny Pokemon.

Let's share our shiny experiences,how many we got,our first shiny etc.

And for the people who hasn't gotten a Shiny,well, talk about that Shiny that you want.

EDIT:Forgot to mention that i gotten a Shiny Magikarp(now a Gyarados) and a Shiny Budew(now a Roserade)
The only shiny that I've gotten that wasn't the Gyarados or some kind of Wi-Fi event was a shiny Ponyta. I was super excited since I was grinding in Mt. Silver (?) in HeartGold to beat Red and bored out of mind... when bam! Shiny Ponyta. I leveled it up to make it a Rapidash, and then put it in my box to hoard forever. xD

I also got a couple other non-hacked shinies from kind people on the Internet (mainly for helping them transfer Pokemon or something), but that Ponyta's the only one I caught myself, so it has a special place in my Poke-heart.
I have picked up a few in my extensive time at the Pokemons. The most recent one i got was a lilipup. Before that I gathered a bidew, a geodude, a ponyta and the haxorus you can catch in the nature reserve in white 2. The first one I got was geodude, I almost had a heart attack when I saw it. Thank god I was way higher in level than it. 1 ultra ball and it was mine :3.
My first shiny was a noctowl in Crystal. It was glorious and led me to shiny victory against the dull elite four.

Currently I have these shinies: (I can guarantee all I did not trade for are legit which is all but the Latias if I remember right)

Suicune, Raikou, Entei, Latias, Golduck, Clefable, Shellder, Graveler, x2 Gyarados of rage.

I guess I am just lucky.
I had a shiny Gyarados and I was so proud of it!
First shiny I ever saw was a Scyther in the Battle Tower. ._.
The first one I actually caught was a Hoothoot.
My first ever shiny was that red Gyarados at Lake of Rage. I thought it was soooo cool back when I was a kid. What? Does not count? Well bah to you too!

Then I guess the first one I ever caught was a shiny Skarmory. I hadn't played Ruby in ages and when I decided to pop it in my GBA and stepped into the grass, BAM, the first thing that appeared was a shiny Skarmory. After that I haven't really seen any, I think.

Which is another thing! In the previous games there was this star after the name of the creature when you were battling it that told you it was a shiny. Now, if you have your volume down and don't look at the pokemon when it appears you might completely miss a shiny! It sucks, man.

I do have a couple of pokemon cards that are shiny, and I don't mean in the holographic way. I have Shining Magikarp and Flareon ☆

(03-31-2013, 11:45 PM)Kai Wrote: First shiny I ever saw was a Scyther in the Battle Tower. ._.

Ooh, a shiny Scyther would be glorious...
My first shiny I ever saw was a shiny pidgey. Never caught it though. I also believe I found a shiny Pikachu.
I want to get a shiny Poochyena.
I've always wanted a shiny Manetric. But all I have is a shiny Illumise.
I think my first was that red Gyrados. Now I have around 80(20 since Feb) because they're RNG abused.
Gotta love that RNG Abuse
i've never caught a shiny that wasn't from an event or plot driven but i think a shiny ponyta is just adorable.

I have gotten Pokerus in every single pokemon game it was in... first time that happened i freaked out and though i had some crazy buggy game...
Y U cheat yourself shinies people D: It takes away from their specialty.
(04-02-2013, 07:09 AM)Mass Distraction Wrote: Y U cheat yourself shinies people D: It takes away from their specialty.

RNG Abuse isn't cheating ;D

It's the smarter thing to do than do what this dude did.

25968 Encounters later

Or 1 encounter later, then another, then another.
Eh, I still prefer to just catch one only if I happen to stumble upon one. Because of this the shiny Skarmory I have is all the more shinier to me.

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