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Prince of Persia: Two Throne's evil version based off of Samurai Jack?
This has been on my mind for a while after reading an article in the site about an evil version of the main character and how he's basically a manifestation of the main character's anger and evil energy and such, and how the only way to beat your evil self is to... not fight him.

This reminded me immediately of an episode of Samurai Jack where Jack has to fight an evil version of himself, which was a manifestation of his anger, and defeat him by not fighting him. Do you think Prince of Persia copied Samurai Jack? Or is there another story that does this that I don't even know about?
The "defeating-evil-version-of-main-character-by-not-fighting" idea came from the original Prince of Persia game (as in the old DOS game). Maybe there is some mythological/legendary origin of this, however the Two Thrones is obviously referencing the original DOS game.
Unless there's a reliable or official source which states that the evil version of the Prince was inspired by or based on an episode of Samurai Jack which featured a similar premise, then we can only treat this as coincidence or pure speculation.

Also this board is to dispute trivia which has already been posted on the site.
Oh, sorry about that. But yes, this was more or less just a hypothesis, and something I noticed more than anything else. Maybe Samurai Jack based their episode off the original Prince of Persia.
Not to mention the same idea is used in Final Fantasy IV and The Legend of Zelda series.

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