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The Free Gaming Thread v3: Check Out Cosmyk's Mustache
My older daughter played PUBG before I did, but I thought she gave it up after her boyfriend had her try it out.
There is finally a game my older daughter wants to play with my younger daughter and me. That makes me very happy.
Just a thought, but has anyone else kind felt like this year is lacking in new releases so far?
Great year for fighting games.
(04-23-2018, 04:53 PM)Psychospacecow Wrote: Great year for fighting games.

Agreed, to a point, but everything else is pretty much just waiting until September for much of anything.
Been playing a lot of Titan Quest and ranting to myself on video. Surprisingly relaxing.
I found the Lets Play channel Super Beard Bros and it's so much fun; these dudes are hilarious. They got super drunk playing Mario is Missing. Any time they got a question wrong they had to drink. It happened often.
Grand Theft Auto IV was released 10 years ago. The very first trailer for the game was released 11 years ago while we are at it.
This is the game that got me into GTA!

While we are at it, I'm gonna leave this video that explains why GTA IV is so great (from the youtube gaming videos thread)
(02-24-2018, 07:31 PM)ZpaceJ0ck0 Wrote: [video=youtube]watch?v=Bph_yeg2Bas[/video]

Can't say I agree with what he said about GTA V given I haven't played the game as of yet.
Was going through a cool game called Battle Mania Daiginjou (the sequel to Trouble Shooter) and was surprised to find our guy Seriously Though as a boss. I knew his avatar was up to something.

[Image: our_guy.png]

Had to kill ya, buddy. Hope you don't mind. But you fought well
Yo, guys. Remenber that awful game called Hong Kong 97? Well, the developer decided to break his silence and share the story of how the game came to be.

“My goal was to make the worst game possible,”
Makes for a good trivia if it hasn't already been made
Done. It is a submission now.
Be me.
Put together a squad on PUBG mobile. 2 coworkers and a random dude.
Random dude lands somewhere and gets killed.
We 3 left are kicking butt and taking supplies. All is good.
Brandon and I hold the fort down.
Terry runs toward the safe zone, I assume getting a vehicle.
Brandon is standing there.
Terry comes back on foot. NO VEHICLE!
Brandon is standing there.
Terry and I start running from the barrier.
Brandon is standing there.
Brandon's phone died and we didn't know.
Brandon dies. The barrier overtakes us.
Pain killers, energy drink, bandages.
Terry dies.
I find a vehicle. Glitches happen and I'm drifting all over the place but make it to the safe zone.
I'm safe!
I get shot dead.
I would update the Ace Attorney thread, but it's better to just say it here.

Finally got around to hacking my 3DS (A LOT easier than I thought, was scared I was going to brick the system) and play the first two cases of Dai Gyakuten Saiban, or The Great Ace Attorney. 

I gotta say, so far it's been quite....underwhelming. The first case was your average Ace Attorney case, but things like the music and atmosphere are very odd. I mean, it makes sense it's meant to be 19th Century Japan and soon to be England so things like strings and flutes makes sense but it just feels like it doesn't fit the Ace Attorney style, it's more a Professor Layton feel. People don't even have puns in their names anymore, hell the main character is literally translated as "Ryuunosuke Naruhodou"

Plus, the second case had no courtroom segments. Like, the entire second case took place in THREE rooms. All you did was investigate one room, talk to people and then leave, repeated around 20 times before the case was over. Instead of courtroom segments, we got some interesting but ultimately boring deduction from Sherlock Holmes (where, funnily enough, he would deduct things incorrectly and you would correct him).

So far, it's been quite weak of an Ace Attorney game. But it's only been the first two cases, and the copy I had to get second hand had all the cases already unlocked (whoever had it last actually finished the game back in 2015 and his saves were still on there intact) and the third and fifth case seem really interesting so I hope it picks up from there. I remember being underwhelmed and cheated in SoJ and it became a good game by the end.

Also a bit of an annoying side note, but hacking my 3DS changed the time of the system to 2030, and now it says I first started playing The Great Ace Attorney in 2030 and I can't change it, but on the plus side I somehow made it my most played game in average time.

1 hour of Days Gone gameplay.
PUBG Mobile recently updated the servers. The only things I've noticed is you playing in rain and fog stree possibilities with the weather. We still don't have the new map Miyamar, new guns, and new vehicles. I have reported a few issues. Hopefully it gets better than this.

Edit: woke up this morning and downloaded new content. I can't wait to check it all out.

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