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General Art Thread
I'm not sure if this has been made yet, so here it is. 

If you have art but didn't want to make a thread about it here you go. Post any kind of art you want: drawings, paintings, needlework, etc. Also if you find art that you like, share it and make sure to have a source to give credit to the artist.
Some of my favorite art from my heroes. 

Milton Knight
[Image: hugosplash2-652x1024.jpg]

[Image: halloilloharpo.jpeg]

Shane Glines
[Image: shane%20Glines%20poison%20ivy%201.jpg]

[Image: SGlines_EdKim.jpg]

and lastly Lauren Faust
[Image: sbff_batgirl_face_studies_by_fyre_flye-d4untwq.jpg]
[Image: cd5eb3729f57398cff669761ad7de569.jpg]
If I have any more favorites I'll share them on here later.
Here's some of my stuff. 

First, a Shy Guy that I drew around the end of last year.

Then Sonic which I did in March or April.

I loved Littens design as soon as I saw him, so I drew Litten maybe a day or two after the starter reveal trailer.
I can't say I'm a fan of this thread being a thing if I'll be honest. Nothing wrong with showing off cool stuff you've found, but please have more pride in your work. Don't filter it into such an over-generalization. :)
Mmmghhh... This month I actually am working on learning to draw. Starting out with baby steps with no coloring and shading. Just basics. I'm kinda proud of the bit of progress I've made so far, but I'm too embarrassed to really post anything. I got hardcore back into Batman and it's some OC shenanigans because a friend encouraged me >>;
Feel free to throw things my way. I give and get critique pretty frequently and while I ain't some professional by standards, always love to help when I can.
(10-28-2017, 03:21 AM)Psychospacecow Wrote: Feel free to throw things my way. I give and get critique pretty frequently and while I ain't some professional by standards, always love to help when I can.

...I was thinking about it and I guess I'm too embarrassed. OCs just seem like a thing a 13-year-old kid does so the cringe is a bit too much >>;
Hex, I drew Broly from Dragon Ball Z as the love interest of a shojo anime set in a high school club at 4 am this morning. Don't worry about my impression of things.
Art like this is what pushes me to cartooning.

(Milton Knight)
[Image: midniterfrmsch10-11web.jpg]

Will Eisner
[Image: spirit2.jpg]

A fun caricature of Danny Antonucci done by one of his storyboard artists
[Image: 2000?cb=20110630191959]
[Image: DTYAC22U0AAvC4Z.jpg]
Ugandan Knuckles, except that it is actually an Ugandan person. *clicking noises*

In all seriousness I'm really diggin' this design. I could see this guy as a standalone character in a different videogame althogether.

Artwork made by Ohnips.


Twitter source:

KYM mirror:
[Image: my_hero_by_mabymin_da891qy-fullview.jpg?...juSB3NH4jA]

[Image: gohan_blanco_vs_el_grande_padre_pg1_by_e...cgt9ji.png]

Somebody actually did it... THE MADMAN!

Made by Easterhands:
[Image: dcbbyjl-1dd3887e-0c3b-4185-a81d-8531c0ed...ouCOIq6ve4]
Art made by wanderingstreets.

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