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Dark Souls 2
12 minutes of new gameplay footage

So glad that the environments look very much Dark Souls. :)
Graphics look great for 360 too. I'm still staying cautiously hyped for now though.
Well, he died more times in that demo than I ever did in Fallout NV.
Dem Wyverns

Well, it looks good so far. But, just like when Dark Souls was first announced, I feel like I need to personally play this in order to see if it 'feels' the same, if that makes sense. Also, I heard a rumor that there will be no customization in DS2, as in no armor sets. If that's true, then that really sucks. I hope it's only just a stupid fan rumor, I really hope it's just that. Anyway, I do like how that ogre/cyclops thing busted through the wall. Makes me wonder how many times we'll see that happen. Also, I really, and I mean really hope this game's lore and backstory is just as hidden and mysterious as in Dark Souls. I loved how almost every piece of lore and backstory and character info was kept in item descriptions. It made me actually enjoy reading the descriptions on the items, because I wanted to figure out how so-and-so character tied into the overall plot.
Damn, if that armor rumor is true then that just makes me even more worried that the player character won't be an almost completely blank slate anymore. I usually don't like it when player characters are silent and have no features, but Dark/Demon's Souls are examples of when it works perfectly to create a sense of loneliness.
That Mansion of Dragons looks really nice.
The skeleton dragon and silver chariot scared the crap out of me. Also that troll headshot with the axe was sweet, as well as the fact you could DEFLECT the axes.
My body is ready...!

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