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The Chit-Chat Thread v3: Electric Potpourri
(03-03-2018, 12:35 PM)ZpaceJ0ck0 Wrote:
(03-03-2018, 12:18 PM)SERIOUSLY THOUGH Wrote: I have nothing to say about this. Words fail me completely.

The video doens't work for me. Do you have mirror?

Here you go mate !

Quick story I remembered out of nowhere:

When we were in middle school, my sister really hated obscenities. Like, if you said "damn" she'd jump on you. As a crazy middle schooler with anger issues, this irked me, a lot.

Then one day when the whole family's in the car on a road trip and some guy cuts my dad off, she just yells out JERK OFF out of nowhere. Evidently, she was not aware of what jerking and offing meant in said context and just thought it was a funny way our dad called people jerks when they drove poorly. I, however, was well aware of the term and was laughing my prepubescent little ass off.
(04-17-2017, 06:21 PM)Arjahn Wrote: It's finally nice enough to go hiking, which I'm a big fan of, so I've done a short trail the last few days and hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooly shit am I out of shape. Thanks Santa.

oh god it's almost that time again and i'm in worse shape than last year :(
my headphones literally fell apart in my hands

literally, like
a few months ago i was holding them and the left earpiece just, came off
these are cheap biglots headphones so i figure "oh well whatever" but im poor as shit so i still make use of them
well tonight the right side part that slides the earpieces to be more comfortable broke in two
its in 2 sections now

just fell apart in my hands.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE i actually ordered some new headphones online for around 20$, i wanted some other headphones but i didn't have 50$ to spare. because i bought pizza and a CD. :|

also i haven't really posted here in forever, not sure how many of y'all missed me but i'll try my best to post around, life's kind of busy and admittedly rough for me but im surviving

I used to use Wii U headphones for a good few years between 2013-15 because they were cheap £10 and very comfortable on my head.

They lasted around a year of heavy use (used to roll them up and put them in my bag) so I bought two in those years.

Now I've got some PS4 headphones that double as a mic, they were around £20.
My headphones finally came in the mail and god damn, for like 27$ these are very good.

The high end in music is very well pronounced along with the low end.  You can't really describe it unless you hear it.  But god damn.
It's just very clear in general.  If anyone is interested in the model.
I've just started work. The count is high, but the difficult patients are gone; I feel like I might actually get all my work done in a timely manner. Fingers crossed it stays this way.
(04-04-2018, 07:15 AM)Hexadecimal Wrote: I've just started work. The count is high, but the difficult patients are gone; I feel like I might actually get all my work done in a timely manner. Fingers crossed it stays this way.

Nope; it was bad.
The streets of Ottawa last night. Never a wrong time for a game of pick-up hockey.
So Facebook Messenger has a new AI. Thought I'd give it a go.

[Image: 9143aUz.jpg]
[Image: ENB20Tv.jpg]

[Image: DJFewbJ.jpg]

How do I stop this.
Was just looking through the earliest member lists, to see what number I was when I joined the site (241th member of the site btw) and noticed something very odd.

The 249th member of the site was an old youtuber Spoiler:(that I stole the name off) that I used to watch back when I was around 10/11. His name was MASTERLINKX and used to make dumb videos of a high pitched link in Ocarina of Time, of course I found it hilarious and this was before I even created my youtube account. I guess he was pretty big around 2006-8, big enough to warrant someone hacking his account and stuff.

These days he's some nobody who is past his hey-day. He's pretty much a manchild brony and nothing redeemable can be found from him.

Just a bit interesting to see that he joined the site for some odd reason, never posted and never came back.
That’s it, I can die happy.
I’m on assignment in Guelph today, and a member of Parliament came up to me asking if I wanted to see a meme he had just received. Guy’s in his fifties and is now my favourite MP :D
NSFW Not for those who are easily spooked.

That moment you accidentally touch "mark all forums read" instead of "switch to full version" while on mobile...
So my brother told me this a year or so back and I asked him about it again, thought I'd share.

There's a joke belt that can be won in the Japanese WWE division. The reason it's a joke is because it's literally defended 24/7 and can be won by anyone at anytime as long as a ref is present, regardless of gender, age or even being human.

So far three animals, and over several dozen inanimate objects and ridiculous things have won it and happened, including.

Poison Sawada Black who "Created the belt and recognized himself as the first champion, three minutes before loosing it."
Three different ladders - each fell on the champion and a pinfall was counted, with some successfully defending the title by not being pinned during the time limit battle royal matches.
A pint of beer
A bus
A poster
An invisible wrestler
A chair
The belt itself
Someone losing it in a dream (Candice LaRae pinned Joey Ryan in a dream; first title change to take place outside of reality.)
Vince McMahon's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

To name a couple, just thought I'd share some fun stuff in wrestling.

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