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The gaming related ventilation thread!
(06-24-2013, 09:05 PM)Lazlo Falconi Wrote: Start making Mario board games, or soccer games, or RPGs, or maybe a Mario racing game? Naah, that would be too unoriginal.

With the exception of the RPG games the rest are less of a Mario game as they are more a game with the Mario branding. Honestly, you can replace the Mario characters with anyone else and it would be alright.
I just played Torchlight 2 for three hours with my friend, we each leveled up about 5 times and I'm using my Dual-wield Outlander, who started the night at level 23 and ended at 28, and I've been using the same guns since level 20. Through the entire night, combined we found TWENTY FOUR pistols, and THIRTEEN shotgones, and not one of them had better damage than my equipped items, meanwhile he found a bunch of badass swords.
Not sure which vent thread to put this in. Since it has to do with a game, here it is.

I have been trying to put some sort of trivia for Okage on the site since I found it, but since the game is so underrated/obscure, I am having a hard time ether finding facts or conforming facts. Example: there are two items in the game that have incorrect descriptions. The Alarm Charm says it cures Evil Eye but it really cures the Sandman curse and Big Boss's Charm says it cures Paralyze but it really cures Evil Eye. I have looked everywhere for someone or something to prove this, but I can only find a walkthough written by a fan.

The only thing I can really find that would count would be a piece of Pig Latin in the beginning, and I doubt that it would really count, since it is pointed out by the characters in game. Why must facts about this game be so hard to find?
[Image: 14.jpg]

I'll just see myself out.
(07-23-2013, 11:18 AM)Arjahn Wrote: I'll just see myself out.
Say hi to Meryl on your way out. I'm sure she'll appreciate it.
I'm sick of people cheating in minecraft.

Someone seriously thought that if a mod doesn't exist to the public... it doesn't exist period. LOL.
I want to say that there is a reason you do not make 100% accurate ports of PC games for the PlayStation2. I have never played Half-Life before, so when I played it for the first time yesterday, I used the Quick save and quick load for about half the game. I want to bed thinking that the quick save that I made before the big fight was going to be there when I go back to it. Turns out "Quick Save" means "Temporary Save" and the real Save is hidden in another menu. This means I have to do the whole game all over again.

Now, i'm not mad, cause I get to replay the game and see if I can do better on the parts that I messed up on, and I am enjoying the game. I just want show that not everyone knows what a Quick save is.
Here's a vent about actual vents. I don't like levels in games where you have to run through ventilation shafts. Like, you click a button and have minus 9000 nanoseconds to run half the map before it starts going FOOOM FOOOM FOOOM again. Then you have to run back.
It's the lazy programmer's enemy. You just program this thing that spins. If player hits it, he ded.

Also quicktime events that don't show the actual button you need to press. Soul Calibur did this - "press K and left." I have no bloody clue that "k" is circle, I tend to press buttons arbitrarily and see what they do to make fun combos.
If I ever miss a quicktime even I tend to replay the whole section just so that the character isn't sad (I'm looking at you Ezio Auditore and Leonardo DaVinci manhug... You asked me to quickly click the button on my flippin' keyboard that aligned with your hand icon....)
Extreme-G2... Awesome racing game, and it would be really fun... If the courses weren't designed to be as dark as your ex's soul...
The Prologue to Kingdom Hearts 2.

I love this game to death (In fact it's my second favourite game of all time behind Mother 3) But Jesus that opening is so slow and dull. Combined with the fact that I'm trying to do proud and Twilight Thorn was never my speciality and the game is quite hard to start off on.
One of the newer guys in Awesomenauts has this ability that spawns a drone that latches onto you with a tounge-like appendage that keeps you trapped in its range. You have to kill it in order to free yourself, but you have to be in its line of sight to shoot it while it doesn't need to have your line of sight. This means that if two guys are coordinating decently, or at least in the same general area, the new guy can trap you while the other guy beats the crap out of you and you can't move to get away.
I need to give my computer an upgrade. My games on Steam are pretty sluggish and I don't have a lot of space to enjoy them all. I know I have to, but I keep putting it off because I'm afraid of breaking the damn thing. But I can't live on 100 GB of space, that's pathetic for a desktop nowadays.
And here I am just fine with my 72 GB PS3...
I just lost my saves to a game I had been playing for a couple of weeks now. So much time, wasted...
(09-27-2013, 11:02 PM)ThisGuyInTheSuit Wrote: And here I am just fine with my 72 GB PS3...

Lol do you have PS Plus? If so i cant live with 72 gb i had a 100GB Ps3 with Ps Plus around a month or two i already ran out of space. Now i have a 500GB its been 1 year since i had it and now i have 100Gb left.

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