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Last Game You Got All Achievements/Trophys
Right now I'm working on Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, just need the Co-op Challenges and one that I missed during story mode. I'm also attempting Dark Souls, since most of the achievements seem easy (exclude all "Find all of ____ type weapons")
I personally don't give a flying fuck about achievements or trophies. If I manage to snag a few, cool. But I never have or never will care about getting them all. Mostly because I'm lazy.
I may finally beat the all the original campaigns of Roller Coaster Tycoon. It's strange, I owned the game for years, but never got around to earning this achievement. Now I'm two levels away.
My latest all-cheevs was either Batman: Arkham Asylum or PoP: The Forgotten Sands. Can't remember which, I did them both around the same time. I only have those and 3 others, but then a bunch of others where I have all achievements except the online-only ones.

I really don't care at all for gamerscores and I wish there were an option to hide any mention of them. But admittedly I do enjoy getting the achievements, it's an extra challenge and they can be especially fun to me when the developers make them funny or clever.

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