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Gaming songs that stuck with you
I was thinking it's been a long time since I made a thread here, I seriously think it was the E3 one, but I've been listening to some gaming music and thought a thread about it would be appropriate. 

So with that in mind, post a song from a game you like and either explain a memory or the what the song is about if you feel so inclined. 

For warning, the song I'm going to post requires a spoiler warning if you haven't played Chrono Cross yet, and if you haven't fix that. Anyways my song of choice is the music from Chrono Cross when you fight Miguel:

For anyone who doesn't know, when the main character Serge, is struck with a deadly affliction as a child, his father is determined to go to a known place of danger called the Dead Sea to get a remedy to save him. However, Serge has gotten so weak that he may not live if he's not given the treatment as soon as it's found. Somewhat inspired by his courage, Miguel the father of Serge's best friend Leena, goes along with the dangerous journey despite it's low rate of success. Despite the odds, the two of them find the cure they are looking for, but it takes a huge toll on both of them, and with his last breath, Serge's father sends him away on the boat they rode in. Luckily Serge makes it home, but his father and Miguel are presumed dead. Years later, Serge and his friends find their quest taking them to the very same location where Serge's life had been saved at such a tremendous cost. As they reach the end of this troubling path, a familiar face greets them, but it's not Serge's Father, it's Miguel. 

In the 10 years he spent there, Miguel has learned of the being known as fate, and when Serge and his party explain that they are planning on challenging fate, Miguel tries as hard as he can to try and stop them, and to convince them to stop right there where they are, and stay with him. Serge's party refuses and Miguel sorrowfully recognizes your resolve but is sure it will not be enough to win the fight, and so he tries to stop you from ever leaving and getting killed by Fate, by trying to kill you himself. You defeat him, then he acknowledges you may have the power to use the Frozen Flame to defeat Fate. He then informs you of the actions taken in Chrono Trigger to stop Lavos, but also comments on how they changed the course of history and then he explains how the gods and goddesses play with human lives, which lead them all to the moment they are in then and there. However, before he can finish talking, Fate decides to try and destroy you and the flame be getting rid of the Dead Sea. Your party flees but Miguel who is now dying is left behind, and says a final word of hope for Leena, hoping she'll get to live in a better tomorrow, and then passes. 

That whole event I think is the first time I played a game that truly got me emotional in any sense. An intense moment like that filled with so much emotion is hard to make, but Chrono Trigger did it so brilliantly and I would argue that very few games have been able to do it as well since.
Nice. I'd fix that link if I could. The right bracket is missing from the first "url". I've not played Crono Trigger or Crono Cross; I need to fix that.

My song of choice this post shall be Time's End/Final Hours from Majora's Mask:

Majora's Mask is my favorite game in the series for many reasons. Before Youtube existed and the many, many extended versions, remixes, etc, I would sometimes play the Song of Double Time and fast forward to the final hours just to listen to this wonderfully ominous music, go back in time, and repeat.
I played through Pokemon XD once when I was like eleven and I still think about Mirror B's theme on a daily basis.

Many, many songs from DDR take me back to my childhood. In particular, this amazing gem, "Look To The Sky" - have a listen to it here:

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