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Nintendo Direct (General)
I see a lot of individual Nintendo Direct threads, how about we just have on overall thread?

So to start off, there was a bomb drop of a Nintendo Direct rumor that is suppose to happen on Thursday January 11th (which is technically today) and Nintendo is now trolling us. There is still a small possibility, but don't get your hopes up. SPEAKING OF WHICH what do we predict for the next Nintendo Direct?
Of course there will be details on the Kirby game on 3DS, the new Yoshi game will have a title, maybe the Switch Kirby game info, game launches from now to April? Also the Virtual console details and the online paid service.

Balls to the wall predictions:
Smash Bros collection HD
Monster Hunter on the Switch US and EU release date
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5. Why? Because Kingdom Hearts 3 still needs to come out but we all know how Square works, they need an excuse to push it back.
Wii sports (I will actually love this, don't judge me)

What they wont announce/talk about:
Animal Crossing Now that I think about it, they might tease it
Metroid Prime 4
Pokemon Switch (main line game)
Mother 3
Nintendo isn't trolling us. The prediction was made by someone who is barely a step above an overzealous fan. That said, I think they will have a direct before the end of the month, their solid release schedule ends before it's over.

As for what they will have, I don't see anything that you put up there on your balls to the wall list even being possible. In fact if 1.5 and 2.5 is releasing anywhere, it will be Xbox, but that won't effect KH3, because Square would easily be able to port that using the PS4 version in a matter of a few months, and since KH3 isn't coming to Switch yet so far as we know, the HD remakes of the series won't either. They will probably talk more about Project Octopath Traveler, they may try to hype up the first Yo-Kai Watch Busters title, we will probably get more Kirby for the Switch, as for Kirby Battle Royale, unless they want to announce the demo, there's no reason for them to talk about it, it's out in 8 days. They might make it a point to mention the returning NES classic, which will probably have a new game on it to make it more enticing. They might talk about some DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles, Super Mario Odyssey or Fire Emblem Warriors, but with Arms and Zelda done, I doubt much will happen. I think people have let potential hype get them too excited for what should be a fairly average showing, unless a lot of surprises show up.

Edit: Now that I think about it, Snack World and several Atlus titles that are coming to the 3DS might also be a part of the next direct.
TWEWY remixed is pretty cool to see, hoping it's a sequel but who knows.

Also Dark Souls being on the Switch is hilarious, as the guy behind it once laughed at the idea of Souls games being on Switch.

I swear, the Switch seems to becoming this saviour of franchises kind of console. Bomberman got a game, Metroid Prime got another game, and now TWEWY. Hoping for some old Sega classics to see a sequel or release.
Looked like it already came out?
To summarize for anyone who doesn't want to watch the direct.

The World Ends With You is coming to the Switch, and it looks like a Final Mix version Ala Kingdom Hearts

Pokken Tournament will be adding Aegislash and Blastoise as playable characters and Mega Rayquaza, Mew and Celebi as assist Pokemon, along with a few new costumes for your Avatar.

Kirby Star Allies will allow for new abilities called the artist ability and spider ability, as well as allowing you to combine friend abilities to make new ones. Also, the Kirby Battle Royale game heading to the 3DS on the 19th has a demo available if you weren't aware.

There's also a demo on Switch for Dragon Quest Builders now available.

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition will be launching on the Switch soon and will include every bit of DLC from both the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game, along with new costumes for Zelda and Link from Breath of the Wild.

A new Mario Tennis game is coming to the Switch called Mario Tennis Aces, and will have a full blown story mode, the first since one on the Gameboy Advance.

Ys VIII is coming to the Switch and yes, even though they don't say it on the direct, it will have the new voice over that's coming on the 30th of this month for the Vita, PS4 and PC release.

A rather pointless free update is coming to Super Mario Odyssey where you have 30 seconds to either find or hide a balloon in a weird multiplayer mode. On the much more positive, the update will also include a few new outfits for Mario and some new filters for photo mode, including a golden coin. You have to beat the game to unlock this content though.

SNK is getting a Switch title featuring the ladies of the series called SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, which looks like a pretty bare bones fighter if I'm being honest. However ACA Neogeo: Art of Fighting 2 is available today on the e-shop, as Yuri will be a playable character on the SNK title.

There will be new DLC for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, but the trailer doesn't show us much. There will be a story for it though.

Payday 2 is coming to the Switch but a timed exclusive character named Joy who can hack to get around firewalls.

Fe is coming to the Switch, but I believe that was already confirmed. Celeste is also coming to the Switch, and that might be new.

Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze is coming to the Switch and will include the rather OP character Funky Kong who can avoid spike damage. The original characters will still be there if you'd rather not use the easy to win route though.

Finally, Dark Souls Remastered will be coming to the Switch.
Rumors of another Nintendo Direct on the 18th for more casual games
Rumors aside, I do expect we'll get another direct before the end of the month. A Mini direct is almost always followed by a regular one within 20 days.
Well, it was more like 50 days or something like that, but a new Nintendo Direct for the 3DS, Switch and with a slight focus on Mario Tennis Aces is coming tomorrow:
I have a feeling we're likely going to get some news about the DLC of Mario and Rabbids. I'd be pumped if Wario gets mentioned.
I am actually kinda excited for Mario Tennis. I haven't played any of the other ones, but I want this one for some reason. Maybe because I will actually play it?
My predictions are we will get the new Fire Emblem announced, The Snack World which is already released on 3DS in Japan and possibly also on the Switch, or is at least heading there will get announced, Yokai Watch 3 or Busters will get announced, we may get more World Ends With You as well. Some interesting supposed leaks I saw suggest that Ever Oasis from last year is getting something of a remake/expansion, and will be called Ever Oasis Saga's and since the prediction comes from someone who predicted this direct two days ago, I'm more inclined to believe it than I would be otherwise. Kirby Star Allies and the Yoshi title will probably also get some new info and the boldest prediction I'll make is that Super Smash Bros Switch will be announced, and not as a port from the Wii U version either, but rather a new game.
...this direct was too much. like poetry in motion

it was beautiful.

[Image: ee1.gif]
Fixed broken gif link. -SERIOUSLY
much obliged -Berry
Here's what happened and my thoughts taken directly from my facebook page:

I wish I could say I felt the type for this Nintendo Direct that so many seem to, but I simply can't. Almost everything on here I either expected, don't care about, or was too annoyed by the lack of things that should be coming that weren't announced. Let's go over this Nintendo Direct.

The 3DS got all of 5 minutes of this Nintendo Direct, and it was probably the best part as well. For starters, Wario Ware Gold is coming to the 3DS.

A remake of Luigi's Mansion is also on it's way:…/luigis-mansion-rema...-to-ninten… and that was probably the highlight of the whole direct for me.

Dillon's Dead Heat Breakers is also coming which I'm happy to see.

Sushi Striker is coming to 3DS and Switch, and a port of Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker is coming to both systems as well.

Mario and Luigi, Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Junior's Journey is coming to the 3DS next year.

Okami HD is coming to Switch this summer.

South Park the Fractured But Whole is coming April 24th but it will still have the season pass, so get ready to pay more for the same shit at a lower quality.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is coming to the Switch July 10th, as if that surprises anyone.

Undertale is coming to the Switch but I don't I can't remember when the release is if it was even mentioned, and I don't care enough to look. The game has already been out a while on PC, PS Vita and PS4 so another port doesn't really interest me.

Little Nightmares Complete Edition is coming to the Swtich, and all I can say is finally, what took Bandai Namco and Nintendo so long to reach an agreement with this game? Kinda makes you wonder what's gonna happen with Metroid Prime 4.

Octopath Travelers is coming July 13th for the Switch, but i have to be honest, I never got the hype for this game so I can't be bothered to care now.

Mario Tennis Aces is releasing June 22nd for Switch and I think all my hype died for it during this direct. They are trying to add layers of strategy to it that just seem to ruin the balance of a Tennis game. Thankfully there's a classic mode, but what they've added to it annoys the hell out of me.

Kirby Star Allies which is releasing next week got a new trailer with some new information about being able to ally with characters like Meta Knight and King Dedede, as if that's anything new. More potential allies are going to be coming as free DLC later.

Dark Souls is getting an Amiibo to go with it's remake launching on May 25th, but all it does is allow your character to strike a famous pose within the game, making it probably the most worthless Amiibo of all.

Splatoon 2 is going all Let It Die on us as it introduced a new character named Agent 8 who will be going through a story mode of 80 floors to find out what memories she lost. This DLC will put you out 20 dollars.

Travis Strikes Again was shown off but honestly it looks like a downgrade from No More Heroes in just about every sense so my hype for that got killed as well.

The big announcement at the end was that Super Smash Bros is coming to Switch, but given that it's releasing this year, it more or less means it's a port, which is not what I wanted. The ink boy and ink girl characters from Splatoon are going to be added in as well.

I don't know what it is, maybe it's because I'm mad there was no Yoshi, no new updates for Super Mario Odyssey, nothing from Level 5 or Atlus, but this direct didn't interest me as much as it should have. Some of this announcements were way too predictable, and the 3DS, despite having a long awaited game for fans in Dillon's Dead Heat Breakers and a remake of Luigi's Mansion, was kind of thrown to the wayside like Nintendo is only supporting it because they said they would, not because they want to. There are a lot of games people are very excited about and I get why they would be, but for me, it's just not going to click. I'm actually getting mad and frustrated talking about this. I give the thing a 2.5/5. Half of it was good, but because too much of it was too safe and nothing that I really, truly wanted to see was there, it felt half-baked to me. Nintendo has done worse, but they've done a lot better before to.
Agreed on the potential Smash 4 port, seeing as Mario Tennis Aces could provide a better competitive time than 4 ever could.

Mostly stoked that I didn't cave in to get a PS4 for the majority of these games & 3DS is still thriving
;-; no Fire Emblem news.

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