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Games you wanted but you couldn't get it for some reason.
When I was younger, I wanted the Mega Drive version of both Aladdin and Sonic 3D but didn't get them since I couldn't find them at all at the time. Of course later on, managed to play Sonic 3D on both PC and on Sonic Mega Collection and felt it was okay but not as good as I hoped and played Aladdin on Genesis emulators so that was fine.

Another thing what I wanted when I was younger and still to this day is a bunch of N64 games. I don't mean one or two but I mean a couple of the big names since a) finding N64 games were really hard compared to PS1 and even Dreamcast games and b) they were expensive. They were about £50-60 per cartridge [translates to a lot of dollars], some were dropped to £20-30 but only if they were on Player's Choice [budget range] and not many were. I think out of the ones that I wanted from what I can remember were the Mario Party series just to experience them, Mario Kart 64, World Driver Championship (that Midway game that felt Gran Turismoy to the point of ripping off the HUD), Top Gear Overdrive as in the one with the car with the teeth sticking out on the cover, Beetle Adventure Racing, some other games and Paper Mario. Paper blooming Mario. Last time I checked eBay, the sellers were selling them the same price as retail and people were bidding for it. Doesn't help it was one of the last N64 games to be released in Europe, the last I remember seeing was Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.

It's just that unlike older consoles, the N64 emulation is iffy at best and lousey at worse so I never got to try these games. In fact World Driver Championship doesn't even work on emulators due to custom microcode rather like Rogue Squadron (luckily have that game though).
Of Orcs and Men for Xbox 360.

I don't own a Playstation 3 and the PC I'm currently using is my girlfriend's so I was expecting a release of the game on 360, seeing as the developer Spiders has released a lot of their previous material for the system. Well they did release Europe, I even asked one of the developers and they said "Early April 2013". Looks like I'll never be playing it at this rate.

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