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Bad Ass Babes
This is a general thread for all trivia evidence related to the 2016 PC game Bad Ass Babes by Thatcher Productions.

A crowdfunding campaign was launched on Kickstarter in 2015 to help fund the game's development with a goal of AU$15,000. However the campaign was canceled on April 14th by the project's creator having only raised $435.

A second crowdfunding campaign was launched on Indiegogo in May, 2015 with a funding goal of $5,000, however this time it was only able to raise $80.

Models and actors
The models and actors who portrayed the girls in Bad Ass Babes were uncredited in the game. These are the models and actors who are confirmed.

Lola, modeled by Peita Jade Breese

Rebel, modeled by Victoria Ferrara

Sparkles, modeled by Jakita Saint-Trelour

The following, whilst supposedly are in the game or will be added in an update, have not been confirmed what character they're playing.
???, Lara Studd

???, Caitlyn Christensen
Source: (NSFW, contains nudity)

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