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Canceled Doctor Who video game by IR Gurus / Transmission Games

A video game by the now defunct Australian studio IR Gurus (later Transmission Games) based off the science-fiction series Doctor Who was being developed but later canceled.

According to then BBC Worldwide head of communications Andy Widger, the game was merely "an interactive demo for internal evaluation." with no promise of it being released.

The game was reportedly to coincide with the first series of the revived series of the show starring Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper. Development on the game went for half a year and funded through substantial government subsidies until it was canceled. According to Paul Callaghan who worked at the studio, the only reason he would give to the cancellation was that "It’s complicated".

According to Paul Callaghan, a plot he conceived was that airborne nanobots released by aliens were modifying the human race which included Rose Tyler, enabling her to have "...some cool alien powers!" He believed that the Doctor's companion was a weak point in trying to make a good Doctor Who video game and to try "to make them a bit more active,"

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