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Thoery: Possible Explanation for Jigglypuff being Shiny in first 3 Smash Bros. Games
A certain someone known for his Pokemon Videos recently gave some interesting facts about the designs of Shinies:

With Jigglypuff he said that it's shiny form is based off a miscolour with it's eyes in the Pokemon Anime, which may also be able to explain the way we see Jigglypuff as a fighter in the first 3 Smash Bros. games:

With whatever they truth may be in regards to the way we see Jigglypuff in the first 3 Smash Bros. games, fortunately it was fixed up in Smash 4 to use non-shiny Jigglypuff, much like how Jigglypuff in the Anime would eventually start being seen with blue eyes like in the games:


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