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(DELTARUNE CHAPTER 2 SPOILERS) "BIG SHOT" game vs. soundtrack differences
Warning: this contains spoilers for Deltarune: Chapter 2.

In the second chapter of Deltarune, the player can undertake a sidequest surrounding the character Spamton that culminates in a battle against his powered-up form, Spamton NEO. The fight is scored by "BIG SHOT", a rearranged version of his earlier battle theme, "NOW'S YOUR CHANCE TO BE A". Like most of the game's songs, it's included on the official soundtrack album-- however, there's a noticeable change made to it there.

The in-game version of "BIG SHOT" features a sped-up voice muttering phrases such as "they've come for me" and "please pick up the phone" before laughing, signaling the point where the song loops back to the start. However, the album release removes the muttering; as no explanation has been given for the change, one cannot determine if this omission is intentional or a mastering error.

Since I can't find any isolated uploads of "BIG SHOT" with the sped-up voice at the end intact, the best I can offer to give an idea of what it sounds like (apart from the earlier Twitter link) is a VOD of someone's livestream of the game. The Spamton NEO fight starts at 1:31:03, and the gibberish can first be heard at 1:33:21.

For comparison, here's the official autogenerated upload for "BIG SHOT" as it appears on the Chapter 2 soundtrack album:

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