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All of the Street Fighter Alpha lore is translated
Alpha 3 Sakura: "Choosing to fight wearing her school uniform seems to be out of want of showing respect for who she faces." I'm sorry but I don't understand this line. What does the school uniform have to do with respecting your opponents? Eh, probably a Japanese thing.

Sakura's stage: Poor Tsukushi Kasugano. I wonder what the letter says.
Alpha 3 Blanka: So the plane crash was caused by Shadaloo. I remenber reading something like that in the SRK forums.

Blanka's stage: A story showing us how much of a enigmatic figure Blanka was by this point in the timeline. I like it.
Alpha 3 E. Honda: Interesting details regarding his flying headbutt move and facial markings.

E. Honda's stage: A heartwarming story showing E. Honda's ingenuity. The story also features a foreshadowing to Street Fighter II (the game that takes place after Alpha 3 in the timeline).
Alpha 3 Vega (Claw): So that is the reason why Claw joined Shadaloo? Interesting. They mentioned his backstory about his ugly father killing his beatiful mother. I mean, of course they were gonna mention that, but still, is nice. Dude is literally a bullfighter yet I never made the connection that the red cloth from his waist is the same one used in bullfighting, SMH.

Vega (Claw): Requena Spiral Tower? So that's how the stage is called. Interesting legend surrounding the place. Knowing the world of Street Fighter, it wouldn't surprise me if the legend was acrually true.
Alpha 3 Cammy: Cammy's strenght and reflexes were enhanced artificially? Makes sense, what with her being born/created in a lab and all that. Didn't knew those red "gloves" were actually arm protectors and inner shoulder guards.

Cammy's stage: "Republic of Muwathiq"? Yeah, that's definetely a fictional country (and yes, I checked). Was this the only time said country was mentioned in the series? An Asian girl injected with muscle-building drugs and other things? Yes, this seems related to the Doll project.
Alpha 3 Cody: So Cody was bored of the peace that followed the demise of Mad Gear. Makes sense considering what we know.

Cody's stage: Cody was caught during a drug deal investigation? Was he actually involved or was that one of the crimes that Edi. E framed him for? Orhe wasn't part of the drug deal at all, and instead he interrupted the drug deal in order to kick their asses.
Alpha 3 R. Mika: She only finished middle school? Didn't knew that. I hear that she's a Japanese person with natural blonde hair, turns out it was right all along. I like how even the profile acknowledges that this is an unusual sight (even in the world of Street Fighter).

R. Mika's stage: So by the time of Alpha 3 its been three years since Yoko Harmageddon retired. In other words, Yoko's match against Black Widow was three years before Alpha 3. Man, I want to see the Slam Masters make a proper return already.
Alpha 3 Karin: The Kanzuki arts are actually a mixture of different martial arts? I didn't knew that. Interesting.

Karin's stage: Damn, Karin likes to live dangerously. I wonder what happened to her right-hand man after the events of Alpha 3.
Alpha 3 Balrog (Boxer): Balrog doesn't like math. Yeah, not surprised. And the reason why he doesn't wear a mouthpiece is because of his arrogance? I don't think most fighting game boxers (if any) wear a mouthpiece. At least we have a canon reason on this one.

Boxer's stage: A story on how Boxer was spelled from the ring and some insight into his life while working for Shadaloo. I like it.
Alpha 3 Juni & Juli: So Juni is the strongest of the Dolls, or at least one of the strongest. According to ther profile Juni has a teleportation technique. I checked her moveset and she doesn't have such a thing. And her fighting data was based off Akuma? So Shadaloo knew about Akuma by the time of Alpha 3, if not prior to that. Interesting.

Alright! That wraps it up for the profiles. I just read them all. Yeah, it was fun.

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