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Discussion: What It Takes For Certain Songs to Be in Just Dance Games
One of the benefits of every year having a new Just Dance game is that songs which haven't been used in the series to this day can end up being used eventually. Question remains as to what it takes for particular songs to be used in Just Dance games. I mean some singers haven't had that many songs of there's used in Just Dance games, some haven't even had any at all. Until now Ubisoft hasn't had any interest in Taylor Swift songs, thanks to the addition of Love Story being in Just Dance 2022:

Once an official explanation has come with how it's decided with which songs are used in each day, maybe someone could post a VGFacts Submission about it. It's understandable though that Ubisoft likes to limit how many songs are in each game, and that they're in no rush with what they get through with each singer from over the years.

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