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Shaq Fu video game trivia
Delphine Software originally pitched the idea of a basketball game to former NBA star Shaquille O'Neal, but O'Neal instead opted to pitch in the idea of a fighting game because he was a fan of Mortal Kombat. Delphine Software developed the video game using rotoscoping technology they had used to develop Flashback, another video game made by the same developer. A Kung-Fu expert was then hired by Delphine Software to direct the action sequences to make the fighting look more realistic. 

"Part of the development team went to the United States to film a hundred attitudes of the basketball star, directed by a kung fu teacher. It took a lot of patience for Shaq to perform the required movements dozens and dozens of times."

"Remi Julienne's stuntmen were chosen for their mastery of martial arts and for the cinematographic dimension that they give to their movement. The moves in the game are therefore spectacular."

"A Hollywood Achievement"

"let's talk a little technical ... Do you know rotoscoping?"

"This technique consists in filming Shaq and the 6 other fighters required to redraw them frame by frame. Imagine an animation in 25 different images every second. It will take your breath away. The flow of movements of Shaq and his opponents is worthy of an anime cartoon."

[Image: press-01.jpg]

The Sega Genesis version of the game has a complete character roster unlike in the SNES version, where Colonel, Diesel, Leotsu, Nezu, and Auroch have been cut entirely. 

The Game Gear version, however, has the tournament mode and digitized voiced samples removed completely from the game. 

The 2 Player mode found on the Game Boy version cannot be accessed through normal means and instead is accessible by playing the game on the game Super Game Boy cartridge. 

Sources of Information:

Shaq Fu (

Shaq Fu in video game magazines
(I used the French magazine since it shows the process of rotoscoping and explains how it was done.)

(Sega Genesis version. skip to the 0:16 mark)

(SNES version. skip to the 0:18 mark)

(Amiga Version. Skip to 6:00 mark)

The Game Boy version played normally. 

Shaq Fu Game Boy version played on a Super Game Boy SNES cartridge.


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