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Favorite Nintendo Franchise?
Yes another favorite thread from me, get over it. Actually what is everyones favorite Nintendo franchise? I would do a poll, but there are just too many different franchises to make a poll.
Kirby. It's simple and fun.
Legend of Zelda, hoozah
Mine is the Zelda franchise also, my second is probably Mario.
I have none. I actually don't think there's even one Nintendo franchise I'm interested in.

I guess Pokémon but it's not first party (even if it is an exclusive).
Pokemon. I'd say tied with Kirby but I grew up with Pokemon so that is tie breaker.
F Zero
Mario, it never gets boring!!
The Legend of Zelda. No question.
No love for the main monkey, huh? It's DK for me.
Zelda, with Mario a very close 2nd.
I've sadly lost interest in them all as Nintendo eventually put them in a direction I didn't like or kept them the same like Mario. It's the same game every time except now someone can screw the other players over by places blocks in their path.

Now that I think about it, the only franchise I freak out over is Rayman if you don't include the Rabbids spin offs.
50/50 split between Mario and Donkey Kong, both are too good for me to decided which of the two that I like more, the Brooklyn-Mushroom Kingdom plumber or the gorilla.
Metroid for me. It's hard to top a super awesome bounty hunter. After that, my second would probably be Pokemon or Zelda.
Bleh, such a hard question. Overall, I guess I'd go with Zelda then.

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