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Parents and Vidya.
[Image: 1318792501478-1.png]

Mother: 1A
Father: 3B

>you will never have a god tier 1C dad.
My parents are cool with vidya, They even encourage it o.0. When I am bored they just say ''Go play video games or something then!'' So fuck yeah, Awesome parents are awesome. So mother 1A and father depending on if he is sleep or not, 1C or 2B
Dad's dead so I guess I'll just go with the other parent.

Back when I was a kid mom used to be 1A, then went into 2A and eventually 3B. Then she kinda gave up on that and now just chooses to ignore how I spend my time while still not being a dick about it.
Both my parents are 2A now. My mom has always been 2A, but my dad has flopped around. He used to be 2B when I was young, then when I got to high school, he became 3A, which is probably why he and I don't get along anymore. Anyways, he cooled down when I proved I could be good in school while still being a regular gamer. So, now he's 2A. As long as I don't screw around when it comes to school, my parents are fine with just about anything.
None of them :(

seriously cryin
(03-17-2013, 08:11 AM)BumblebeeCody Wrote: None of them :(

Same, my parents don't really fit anywhere on there. Back when I was at home, I had some video games, I had a time limit on how long I could play. With their approval, I could buy some games. It was a good system, and by the end of it all, my dad started besting me on Grand Turismo 3 :D

EDIT - He's probably still better than me at GT3.
Anicent thread but I'll always remember my Mom hating violent videogames when I was a kid. Then randomly for easter my Grandma got me Burnout 3, which is a game where you drive sports cars into traffic and try to murder as many people as possible. My mom didn't mind because she thought it was just a hot wheels game.

Thanks grandma :)
My mom didn't want us playing violent games when we were under 12, yet she would buy us Syphon Filter and Driver 2 (where you can run over people) but she didn't like us playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 (that she also bought).
She would constantly threat to take away our systems away if we didn't pick up her messes and do her bidding.
My mom and dad bought me all my game systems when I was little. We were a gaming family. As I grew up they grew out of it. My dad was the one who always bought me games to help further my collection while my mother pretty much told me that she wasn't helping with that.
Doesn't mean that she didn't. The year the 360 came out, my mom got a cheap Xbox original with a hand full of games, though it was probably my step father that talked her into it. She also was the person to get me Final Fantasy VIII and GTA3, with the last one being when I was 11/12, so that shows you what she thought of me and my 7 year old brother playing those video games.
I mean my mom knows full well that I'm trying to become a professional gaming journalist and while she doesn't understand fully what that entails and she wants me to get another job while I focus on the journalism, she's supportive of it. That seems like a 1A to me.
Does anyone have a mirror of the image featured in the OP? Because you know... photobucket.

I tried finding it, but I can't seem to get it.

I know I have it on my computer somewhere, but I have no idea where. Since I save around 1000+ pictures a year lol.
Well, other than the fact that my mother did not like to see my playing violent videogames back when I was under 12 she was pretty much okay with it. I mean, as long as I didn't spend "way too much time" on it thus affecting my performance at a school.

I'll say she is 1A.

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